Delete Respond Email For Comments Can’t Post

In some cases, we cannot allow a thread. Next, delete respond email. It is proper netiquette to delete the comment. After respond in email.

Delete Then Respond

Delete Then Respond

Some users may have a point about a topic or issue in a blog post, but write their feelings in an a way that may be offensive to others. A user with a point deserves a response. However, it’s not fair to let an inappropriate comment with a good point degrade your blog.

Respond In Email

A Comments content may not be appropriate for many reasons. Its up to the content creator to decide what comments to approve as a matter of principle. Some comments are so good they deserve a response. Just because a comment deserves a response does not mean that the content creator has to approve it.

If a good comment detracts from the content, delete it and respond with an email to the commentator. Responding with an email acknowledges the comments content without letting it hurt the original content and creator.

Delete Response Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to delete comments and respond in email if the comment is not appropriate for the public.

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