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Delete Mean Phrases For Good Comments

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, negative contact detracts from our content in principle. Next, we agree it detracts. Furthermore, bad to hurt people. So, delete mean phrases for good comments. Given, proper netiquette to remove comments out of bounds. Given, hurts our material.

Delete Mean Phrases For Comments

Hence, mean comments discourage nice readers from commenting on good blogs. It follows, scare away readers altogether. So, necessary to remove. Given, discourages readers.

Then, trolls are mean. Don’t engage them. As a result, remove material that attracts unwanted comments. However, alternate views are not necessarily negative.

In any event, depends on the consumers we attract. We have an idea of who we are. Also, want to be seen as. On the other hand, allow it all if we need to find out. And so, time will tell. Given, trends develop.

Bad Words

Negative comments about internet data draw attention to the data. They detract from the content because they disagree with it. Positive comments enhance internet data because they support it.

Users who disagree with mean comments may form a bad opinion about the content creator. As a result, a negative comment. Could lead to more bad comments. In other words, flame wars in discussion threads.

Thus, we evaluate good or bad based on what is best for us as a brand. Then, be honest with ourselves. After, willing to delete. Our own comments or content if necessary.

Mean Comment Netiquette

Delete mean comments. So, users can make up their own minds about content without any trolls. Given, proper netiquette to encourage positive engagement.

Therefore, content that hurts our perception is bad. Next, mean to hurt our online image. And so, get rid of it by deletion. Note, may require all content deleted to stop a troll. A whole post. We can always make something better later.