Currency Credit or Debit in Ecommerce

Digital payments are more convenient than bills or coins. Also, a lot more efficient. So, currency credit or debit no cash in ecommerce. Good netiquette.

First, digital payments are more convenient than bills or coins. Also, some insurance against. So, currency credit or debit no cash in ecommerce. Given, good netiquette to pay by electronic value. So, don’t use physical value for web transactions.

Currency Credit or Debit Netiquette For Ecommerce

In any event, credit and debit card transactions are electronic. Then, very first type of e-commerce. Thus, internet provides a means of transmission. Like other electronics, we can track them. More more efficient. Since, we make mistakes accounting.

It follows, credit and debit cards use the same means of transmission as other online communication. Still, some use dedicated telephone lines. Therefore, compatible with online data transfers. And so, transactions are easily processed. Also, accounted for in online statements.

Opposite of card transactions are money orders, cashiers checks, or wire transfers. Non refundable forms of payment. Furthermore, often used in scams. Easier to deposit in an account. Credit card processing accounts typically hold funds. In addition, processor can take funds back easily. It is their account.

Digital Wallet

We use electronic account to buy goods and services online. It is convenient. Plus, technically ecommerce. Bank account balance or credit line is our limit. After use we match up purchases ourselves. Furthermore, receive a statement with our activity.

First, card issuers, banks, hold merchants accountable for merchandise sold. If it is defective the bank will handle a dispute for you. This layer of protection for internet transactions is not available with cash or wire transfer.

Next, digital wallets are an extension of this. Accounts that we can make payments with. Includes our cards as back up. So, extra protection from technology. Many use NFC to pay. Also, different regulations.

Currency Credit or Debit Netiquette

Use a credit or debit card because cards provide accounting and recourse for transactions.