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Criticism For Amateurs is Not Helping Music Networks

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we all have an opinion of some sort. Now, sharing our opinion is not always appropriate. Then, not cool to share sometimes. Criticism for amateurs is not helping music networks. Given, proper netiquette to post positive messages. So, don’t post critical comments.


In any event, constructive comments may help. But, it is often misconstrued. Still, discouraging on some level. However, offers a chance to become better. Not really supportive because asks for a change.

Thus, music networks are supposed to be fun. It follows, negative is not fun by definition. Complete opposite because fun is positive. Then, negative is on the other side of positive. Hence, we must like a work the way it is created for full blown support.

Accordingly, ‘don’t change a thing’ is a popular compliment. Given, nothing critical. So, we purely enjoy the material. Also, next time could be different. So, supportive.

Helpful Comments

Still, critical comments on music networks detract from it. On one hand, they discourage content generation. On the other hand, honest consumer feedback.

Given, all engagement is marketing for professionals. Then, critical acclaim is a strategy to go pro. But, angers amateurs. Yet, we can support what we like. Also, sandwich in some criticism.

Many will focus on the good. Some ignore the bad. However, more of the good makes the music better. In addition, we have a right to be honest about professional material we purchase. Plus, it helps with sales in a lot of cases.

Criticism Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to post positive messages. As a result, helpful advice only. And so, the sandwich technique for criticism. Alternatively, don’t post critical comments. Given, it discourages network participation.

Last, be the change. Finally, provide positive reinforcement for the aspects of the information we like. Thus, future social media works may be all good.