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Credit Sources For Amateur Video

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

To start, we like acknowledgement of our work. So, credit sources for amateur video. proper Netiquette to protect your content by crediting the source. And so, don’t use others work without attribution.

Credit Sources For Amateur Video Netiquette

Accordingly, our name on material we create. Next, regular people have similar motion picture editing tools as professionals. Furthermore, many types of licenses for content. Creative Commons is a popular type. Some attribution may be required. Unless, an explicit statement that we can use it without.

Then, ownership of intellectual property is determined by the creator. Next, we own the information we create. But, employees often give up their rights. So, the studio owns the work. Still, they get credit at the end.

In any event, we are supposed to identify sources of content we use. It follows, professionals can give up rights. After, rights holder can license for commercial use free of charge. So, don’t need to tell people where stock photos come from.

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Now, digital Rights Management allows us to purchase viewership of videos and access. Crediting sources informs others of ownership. We need credits at the end similar to professional videos. But, may not be required when we purchase the rights.

Professional content is different than amateur content. Hard to draw the line. A sales promotion is definitely professional. However, promoting free stuff is not really. In addition, google makes takes pictures from others for us when we search online. Don’t even have to go to the site. Just right click and save. We definitely need to attribute those pictures for any professional use. Just saying, ain’t cool not too.

Always claim a copyright for material that you upload. It is yours if you upload it or it should not be on your computer. Provide your name and address with video uploads.

Credit Sources Netiquette

Credit sources because content without attribution or right may be infringement.