Digital Citizenship

Core Rules of Digital Citizens Follow On The Web

First, core rules digital citizens follow on the web. Given, proper netiquette to engage each other in an online environment. So, Netizens follow a certain style based on agreement. Then, most of us agree on these rules. As a result, ten picked from keyword research in 2006.

Core Rules of Netiquette

Core Rules

MySpace, Facebook, and professional email is where tips started. Also, working in ecommerce at the time. So, experience, company culture, and a real estate social club formed the concept of digital citizenship for this site.

And so, members of the online community identify with other users who follow. Given, the rules of good users. Hence, they are derived from popular keywords.

Awareness of rules enables identification of good users. Genuine association occurs based on interest. Therefore, we know what to look for. Also, what to like. ‘What’s Good!’

Ten Tips for Digital Citizenship

Clearly, ten commandments were inspirational. Many graphics depict tablets with rules for electronics. Popular memes in the early days. Now, Netizen is an accepted concept. Less jokes about it.

Many people follow the rules. It follows, share personal information to make a genuine connection with contacts. Thus, rules consciously bring people together who naturally network.

So, it is natural. Human minds strive for order. Agreement provides it. As a result, common conventions provide comfort. We are comfortable with people who follow social rules.

Rule of Netiquette

Follow because that is how we become accepted. Then, other users notice. After, engage our content. Finally, we post visible connections. In any event, we look at profile headlines when adding contacts.

Last, we have a basic understanding of write and wrong from other activities. And so, common beliefs applied to the web are recognizable. Hence, core rules come from sharing tips for engagement. As a result, most popular principles we follow on the web. Must follow.

By dpchiles

Brandividual digital marketer.