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Controversial Content Bad Attention For Micro Blogs

First, we want recognition for the right reasons. Next, disagreement generates interest. Proper netiquette to refrain from posting controversial content.

First, we want recognition for the right reasons. But, any attention promotes intellectual property. Next, disagreement generates interest in online data. And so, views linked to the data are associated with us. So, controversial content bad attention for micro blogs. Given, proper netiquette to refrain from posting material that will make us look bad.

Controversial Content Bad Attention For Micro Blogs

So, be cool. Then, state agreed upon facts. Given, emotion without facts attracts the wrong kind of follower. Then, use the truth to address important issues.

Users follow good posts. As a result, controversial posts are about a topic, issue, or event that many people disagree with. Also, introduces something new. For example, religion, politics and sex are traditionally considered controversial.

Then, we can avoid certain issues altogether. Also, be aware that disinformation is a strategy. So, we could be helping the opposition by posting about a topic. Given, provides a platform for them to voice an opinion.

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In any event, social issues, equality, human rights, and subjects of that nature need addressing. On the other hand, rants about other users in inflammatory ways are the type of controversy good users avoid.

For example, a person who repeatedly tells half truths is not a reliable source. Then, lies are a social issue in media. Therefore, the truth may be a person is lying. It follows, an attention grabbing post.

Be a good user. Engage in our online market place of ideas with good faith. As a result, we need to confront problems that face society on the web with information. After, solutions are worked out. But, how we address the issue lends itself to a better solution. Therefore, pick and choose our words carefully.

Controversial Content Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to refrain from controversial micro-blog posts because it could have negative effects on your user follower relationships.