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Contact Number For Classifieds

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, phone access is harder to fake than an email address. So, contact number to talk to sellers for classifieds. Given, good netiquette to respond by telephone. As a result, don’t trust someone who won’t allow you to call them.

Contact Number

Phone numbers give a person responding to an online classified the ability to contact someone about a post directly. A phone call can be hard to ignore. Accordingly, sellers with numbers mean business.

Those who post Classifieds with phone numbers are more accessible than those with email only. Still, burner phones are only ten bucks at a convenience store. Still, synchronous human contact seals the deal for a lot of us. Given, requires some form of payment.

It follows, many sellers with numbers prefer a text message. But, at least we have the option to call. Yet, we can get online text messages and calls. Hence, must pick up for validation. Or else, respond to text immediately. Otherwise could just be a message number. Less trustworthy.

Voice Call

Might be a scam if we can’t contact immediately. On the other, not motivated to sell. Accordingly, the accessibility voice contact provides gives a seller more credibility. An email message is asynchronous communication. Thus, recipient may not respond immediately or at all.

When an online classified advertisement has an email address only it’s a red flag. In any event, means some type of screening responses to the ad. Therefore, probably searching the email address and name in social media at the very least. Some sort of price manipulation may occur based on our profile.

On the other hand, person posting does not trust the responses. The lack of trust can be for legitimate reasons. An email address without a phone number in an online classified advertisement is a red flag.

Contact Number Netiquette

Respond to posts with phone numbers because the advertiser is accessible.