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Company Logo In Digital Signatures

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we are crafting a brand with our content. Then, we need to create memorable material. It follows, use a company logo in digital signatures. Given, good netiquette to include the graphic. So, do brand messages with a logo. Given, looks good.

Company Logo

To begin, a company mark at the end of a message is a clear seal. Author name is part of it as well. After, our essence is in the minds of our consumers. And so, high quality graphics increase brand value. Something we can connect to across the entire online image. In addition, offline too.

In any event, small graphic files are common for entity identification. Also, personal audiences identify as well. Given, influences often use a caricature image. Something to smile about. Increases name recognition. Part of persona for the people that stand behind it.

Next, logos are professional images that represent a company or product. And so, graphic image to associate with people, content, customs. Then, for branding purposes. All stakeholders have an interest. Customers included.

Brand Graphics

A good logo in the signature of a message makes it look good. It can make up for spelling errors. Also, grammar mistakes if the company that a person works for looks professional. Good looks are professional.

Hence, size of logo must be uniform. And so, for a digital signature approximately 50 pixels by 50 pixels. 500 pixels by 500 works if we are going to resize to match a message. Also, 250 pixels by 100 pixels is a nice rectangle.

Last, accessibility plays a role. We all have challenges of some sort. Others may have them recognized for educational purposes. Plus, employment reasons. We take in text in one way. Images in another. Put together, signature becomes more understandable. However, loading time could be longer on open.

Company Logo Netiquette

Company logo because it is professional.