To start, comment netiquette. So, social code of adding our opinion to other works. As a result, remarks on blogs and other social media. And so, a few tips to learn. Also, take extra time to understand.

Next, blogs are User Generated Content (UGC). Create to share with other users in an internet network. Comments drive the internet and its use.

And so, interactive and engaging. Aside from paying bills online, user feedback affects use of the web. Social Media comes from this contact. Status updates, article links, and blog posts.

Mobile Apps may perform specific functions. Hence, do not require comments. But, no one buys an App without positive comments.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Comment Netiquette Rules

  1. Approve & Reply

    First, approve post. Next, reply with a thread.  Approve Then Reply Comment

  2. Approve & Address

    To start, allow questionable remarks. Then, address the difference in opinion. Approve Quick Response Comment

  3. Approve & Respond

    In the first place, accept the response. After, respond in email.  Approve Then Email Comment

  4. Blog

    Write a full post about it. Blog Response

  5. Remove

    Get rid of mean comments.Delete Mean Phrases

  6. Delete & Respond

    Delete unacceptable content. Next, respond in email.Delete Then Respond

Comment Netiquette

First, an opinion about an issue. So, appropriate way to leave feedback, approve comments, and respond to them if necessary.

Next, pretty simple, be nice. Write positive things about stuff you like in a person’s blog, on a friends Facebook Wall, or tweet a compliment. These are appropriate ways.

Furthermore, use settings in your blog. Also, privacy controls in Facebook. Require approval. First, before comments go public.

Next, do not approve negative comments. Also, curse words. Whether or not you approve comments contrary to your opinion is up to you.

Comment Netiquette Rules

In the first place, cultural customs users follow. In response to a blog post. There are many different ways to handle the opinions of others when they comment on your blog.

Ignoring comments is only an option with good reason. Responding to blog comments is customary. Bloggers who do not respond to comments lose readers.

Then, comment Rules of Netiquette center around how to engage readers. No offense. For the most part, don’t ignore. This does not mean public response.

But, a user who takes the time to comment deserves a response. Furthermore, bloggers who use the feedback comments provide get better.


Response to a blog post from a reader. Typically, left on a form at the end of a post. We encourage. Given, engages readers. Also, grows blogs.

They provide valuable feedback we can use in posts. Plus, allows readers to be part of the story.

It follows, moderate for various reasons. Prevents curse words, troll activity, and sales advertising from degrading a blog, among other things.

At last, we have some cartoons. And so, an animated version of tips. Plus, related material with characters.