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Chain Email Letters No Forward For Hoaxes

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, a lot of us enjoy a good story. Then, grabs our attention for an emotional connection. Next, good stories travel via electronic mail. But, calls to action make it a scam. So, chain email letters no forward for hoaxes. Given, proper netiquette to delete. So, don’t forward.

Chain Email Letters No Forward

Next, chain email is an unsolicited bulk message. It follows, forwarded by contacts. The content included is often a story.

And so, sent for a variety of reasons. Many collect email addresses into a list. Some may have viruses. Others can collect data as well.

In any event, chain messages are a spam. On one hand, good writing. On the other, could be plagiarized. Hence, call to action for nefarious reasons makes is spam.

Fake Messages

Chain email messages can be interesting. Reading exciting stories can be fun. Trusted professional contacts with a company often send them.

Coworkers talk about them. They can cheer you up and make for good conversation. They are a security risk virus protection may not be able to stop. Social connections make them a constant threat.

Chain Email Letters Netiquette

Delete chain email because contacts may require receipt, but it is secure to delete.