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Texts netiquette. Then, it is written. And so, a code of informal contact. Given, vowels are often removed from words.

Hence, very limited. Often, to 140 characters or less. And so, Short Message Service (SMS).

A quick read for the recipient delivered fast from our devices. Next, sent from a phone. Also, online. And so, chat.


First, acronyms are included. But, we cannot take the meanings for granted. In any event, depends on the person who wrote the content.

As a result, removing vowels is acceptable. Also, directions are common. Since, we give orders. Not much room for more.

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

Inspiring Messages For Text

First, we have a saying, “you are going to need to sit down for this”. Then, prepares us for what follows. Next, telecommunications removes us from the room. So, inspiring messages for text messages nothing too serious. Given, good internet etiquette to refrain from texting bad news because no one may be with the recipient to console them. Text good news.

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