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Students netiquette. Thus, tips to get knowledge on the web. Given, social code of learning from a teacher.

However, web is a teacher. Then, content creator too. As a result, a hierarchy. Instructor is primary. And so, others exist.


First, web is part of education. Next, rules are for grade school all the way up. So, children are taught.

But, applies to web stuff for adults. Hence, all inclusive. For example, smiley face could denote a wrong answer. In any event, must recognize.

Last, domain and or class specific. A good teacher could use emoticons. All in class know the rule.

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

Username For School Activities of Students

First, we represent ourselves. It follows, choose how we are viewed in a network. Then, online activity provides an identity. Also, associated with group connections. Hence, schools regulate their groups which we may include us. So, username for school activities of students. Given, proper netiquette for a handle in this level of association. And so privacy. As a result, do use a make a name for ourselves.

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