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Social media netiquette rules are common conventions. Hence, User Generated Content (UGC) tips. So, preferences are up to a us to set. It follows, we are free to engage or disengage. Then, content for contacts is relevant to us. Given, we choose association. Accordingly, data is interactive.

10 Social Media Netiquette Rules

Hence, features alter. Comments, for example. Thus, pages provide free, paid, and public access. Here, a quick overview of the top tips. Background definitions for context. After, read netiquette rules posts for a better understanding with more information.

Time needed: 60 minutes.

Netiquette Rules

  1. Accuracy

    Do fact check information.

  2. No Hate

    Don’t engage others with hate.

  3. Share

    Do post genuine content with contacts.

  4. No Cursing

    Don’t curse or swear.

  5. Correct

    Do fix mistakes.

  6. Respect

    Don’t disrespect.

  7. Privacy

    Do keep personal information private.

  8. Moderation

    Don’t be extreme.

Given, website is one that contains User Generated Content (UGC). Then, we must register with the domain to generate content. Activate our account with email. Hence, registering with a domain is opening an account. Accordingly, Social Networks are popular social media websites. Therefore, requires free account.

Most people keep personal and professional separate. However there is no line between the two types of communication any more. There is Netiquette for how you communicate. Connect, engage content, share. Anything and everything we do is social. Given, we may talk about the experience. We may write about the experience. Words order society. Content created within a given network that users may alter with a word, words, or other media is social.