Business Etiquette

Professional conventions for working with our team. Includes customers. All stakeholders.

Business is our economic system to exchange goods and services. Value. Who sells what to who determines the market. A business social society.
David Chiles

Business Etiquette


Money is stored value to complete transactions for goods and services.


Online sales driven by social influence rather than real estate. Ecommerce.


Customer journey includes a path. Includes actions that support transactions.

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5 Business Netiquette Rules

Society is transaction based. Business is how we deliver goods to each other. We are social beings. Now, information age economy is ecommerce.

Business is a professional process. Furthermore, all actions that support transactions. A profession is what we do to earn a living.

Money is used to facilitate transactions as stored value. Accepted to complete transactions. Electronics share information.

Business etiquette we follow for professionalism online. A few do’s. A couple of don’ts. Voice over by David Chiles. Run time is 54 seconds. High Quality video.