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Bookmarks For Web Browsers URL Lists

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we need to find places where we left off online. Also, research web pages for shopping. In addition, educational purposes as well. So, bookmarks for web browsers URL lists. Given, proper netiquette to relocate good information. Then, make lists in our navigation software.


In any event, a bookmark is an entry in a list of websites. The list stores Universal Resource Locators (URL‘s), addresses, of websites. A place for the favorite we visit frequently. It follows, provides a quick reference for faster navigation.

Then, different from a place marking in a physical paperback or hard cover. Hence, virtual rather than string, paper, or cardboard. Also, we can list sites for what ever the reason.

As a result, data for our web page lists is held in a special part of the software memory. And so, we can name the category. Our favorites are a default category in browsers.

URL Lists

Many people create a bookmark list of favorites. Favorites are the websites we visit frequently. Control + D is a common keyboard shortcut to list a website.

Bookmarking websites may be done for sites that are not favorites in order to find them again. Search results vary, which can make it difficult or impossible to find a site previously visited again. Bookmarking relevant results solves this problem.

We list more than our favorite sites. Thus, we categorize input. Additional categories may be created. Also, note that URL’s may change. We may not always end up at the same address.

Bookmarks Netiquette

Bookmark websites because it makes them easier and faster to find. Then, common forget where we left off online. After, finding the page again may be hard. If we find it at all.

So, saves time. Plus makes our web experience better. Given, better information. Therefore, a best practice common convention.

Last, proper netiquette. Since, a built feature that improves our online experience. Yet, we do not always use them as we should. Practice for help using bookmarks.