First, it is proper netiquette to refrain from blatant self promotion in forums and discussions. So, don’t be just about ourselves.

First, interaction is done by design. It follows, our interaction is part of our brand. Consistent content that resonates with an audience is valuable. Sales pitches come after content in a Call to Action (cta). So, no blatant self promotion in forums of book networks. Given, it is proper netiquette to advertise appropriately. As a result, don’t be just about ourselves.

Blatant Self Promotion Netiquette Book Networks

Blatant Self Promotion

It follows, no hard sell. Given, these type of people are not friends at all. And so, sales people. Thus, people who just want to use you for your connections.

Known by the acronym BSP. It is the cultivation of contacts, online associates, and social media friends solely to promote ones self without any reciprocity. It is a person who spams links, promotional material, and never takes the time to engage users genuinely.

Book Networks Promos

Many networks enable this behavior through messaging features and the ability to connect with people you don’t really know. Networks that require that you know a person make BSP harder to do because of the stigma attached to soliciting friends.

It makes contacts and connections uncomfortable when a person blatantly self promotes themselves on a book network. Your contacts and connections may feel like they are turning you down if you keep promoting your content to them.

Cannot expect to buy a book just because read similar books. Also, like the same thing. And so, let the ratings and reviews guide users to your content. Mentioning your work to let connections know what your up to is fine. Repeatedly sending them messages about the same work is off putting.

For example, post a link to our own book in discussions. Then, moderators generally delete. Discussion forums are for discussions about topic. Given, off topic.

Blatant Self Promotion Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to refrain from blatant self promotion in forums. Plus discussions. Gets deleted. Also, annoys others.

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