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Awareness To Stop Mobile Accidents From Happening

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, watch out for unexpected hazards. Then, expect the unexpected. So, awareness to stop mobile accidents from happening. Hence, don’t do stuff while distracted. In any event, a known cause for automobile crashes. Also, causes walking accidents as well. Given, proper netiquette to prevent careless. So, do be safe.


Next, phone use coupled with anything increases the chances of being in an accident. Given, for everyone around. As a result, everyone has to be careful around devices. And so, mobile device use distracts others from what they are doing too. Not, just us.

Accordingly, easily movable distract us. Also, used in most situations. High portability of accident demands attention. Given, we are required to look at the screen. After, a touch or a tap is required to navigate.

It follows, we must focus on the content delivery when engaged on mobile devices. Still, we are participating in normal activity around us. Yet, we can be vigilant in certain cues to be safe.

Device Safety

Then, there are precautions we take. Especially, in places where mobile use is heavy. As a result, mitigates the risk of an accident. Customs for basic accident prevention from mobile internet and device use.

In the first place, be aware someone else probably uses a phone where we do. Also, causes accidents by distracting people. Knowledge of digital distraction helps us and others avoid accidents. Since, we know what it is like to use we look out. But, something we need to train ourselves to think about.

Works both ways. A digitally distracted person is in the cyber lane on the information highway. ‘Out to lunch’ so to speak. We may have been in that lane or may be. Who knows. So, watch out. In return, others will watch out for us.

Awareness Netiquette

Watch out to prevent accidents. Mitigate distraction.