Author Picture Profile Post in Book Networks

First, like to look at pictures. So, author picture profile post in book networks. Given, proper netiquette to show a good image.

Author Picture Netiquette Book Networks

Author Picture

It follows, we want to know what the author of the books look like. And so, place the writer in context with a work. As a result, profile associated with the it in our mind.

In the first place, book networks have author pages. Next, pictures are popular in social media. After, the least a publisher could do is share a pic for fans to engage.

Book Networks Profiles

A image says a lot about the writer. First, proud of their work for one. Also, willing to connect with fans on a personal level for another. It follows, work authenticity.

In any event, two factor authentication for readers. Given, photos are a custom on the back cover. Then, we should recognize the social media profile.

Author Picture Netiquette

It is proper netiquette for authors to post a profile picture because readers want to know what the author looks like.

Last, for more info go to category and page posts. Finally, watch related cartoons for engagement tips. Principle rules of the web and engagement. Also, golden rule.