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Assumptions Are Misleading For Personal Security

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, writing is a deliberate act. It follows, important facts are left out. Cannot fit it all. Some, deliberately not included can be tricky. Accordingly, our best guess is probably wrong. Then, unsafe response to an explicit omission. So, assumptions are misleading for personal security. Given, good netiquette to see the facts clearly. As a result, do not assume anything.

Assumptions Are Misleading

To start, logical inferences are acceptable. But, in some cases something does not quite fit. After, we are tricked into making an inference that does not apply. In any event, conflict with an inferred premise is a warning.

It follows, an assumption is an inference not supported by facts. We jump to a conclusion. Missing part of the story. Right or wrong does not matter. We need to be aware for comprehension of content.

It is easy to infer the wrong circumstance based on our past experiences. Since, we are all different. Hence, our way of doing stuff is different than others. Self centering is something we need to watch out for. In addition, common knowledge can be taken for granted. Also, general standards. Unless explicitly stated, there is no basis. Nothing guaranteed.

No Guessing

Next, many people post misleading information on purpose. Thus, information may be accurate. But, leads the reader to make what they consider obvious assumptions. Honest mistake. A key fact is left out for brevity. After, readers assume something different.

Really, author thought keeping it out signifies the truth. As a result, must be as smart as the author. Conversely, trained to spot it. So, reading comprehension is key. And so, measured by reading grade level.

Users create a positive online image. This leads people to make themselves look as good as possible. Reality is often different than cyberspace for heavy internet users.

Assumptions Are Misleading Netiquette

No guesses. Hence, logical agreement required for consumption of content. Given, positive online images may create misleading inferences.