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Assignments Work To Understand Mooc’s

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First, few requirements to take an open course. Also, we are taught complex theories in online classes. Next, assignments work to understand a Mooc. Given, good netiquette to study what we have done. So, do use homework to replace text books. As a result, we learn from text.

Homework Netiquette

In any event, we may need to do more or less activity to learn the same material as classmates. Hence, different levels of knowledge to start off. In addition, extra material can be found on other websites text around the web. Searching the web and specific sites is part of the homework.

It follows, assignments contain the concepts the course conveys. Furthermore, exercises that accompany lectures. After, quizzes keep content in our memory. Make sure we are learning the material. Plus, graded tests periodically to make sure info is retained. However, quizzes and tests are not always applicable.

Course providers give lectures. Our understanding of presented material may or may not be tested. Regardless, up to us to learn as we go over it. Presenters are more facilitators than teachers. In general, we need outside resources. Lectures provide an example students can follow. Hence, we learn something from an instructor.


Schools use slightly different formats. Professors use different formats. A lot of variation. Therefore, basic structures of courses are the same. Thus, homework, quizzes, and tests differ. Video lectures and downloads are common.

Hence, certain online resources come from the school. Slide downloads go with the lectures. Reviewing helps to check comprehension. Additional internet resources, links, provide more information. Question and answer sites usually have more information about the topic.

Tests get a grade. Also, timed. As a result, books are not a requirement. Traditionally graded tests are extensions or preparation for assigned work. Now, provides references similar to textbooks.


Study homework because assigned work replaces textbooks.