Approve Then Quick Response For Comments

First, engagement is good in theory. So, approve then quick response. It is proper netiquette to approve questionable comments. After, address the difference in opinion.

Approve Then Quick Response For Comments

Approve Then Quick Response

Allowing dissenting opinions is what makes the USA a great country. We have freedom of speech. Allowing comments that don’t agree with a blogger content can cultivate a following. A good response can thwart illogical thinking.

Raise Issues

Content creators can allow, approve, reject, or delete coments attached to their content. Comments don’t always agree the content. Sometimes comments rais different issues than the content itsell addresses.

When a comment raises a new issue or makes a valid point, the content creator can approve the content and address the issue in response. This is good netiquette when the comment raises a valid point in a non-confrontational way. Addressing good comments encourages others to engage you content because it’s interactive.

Approve And Address Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to approve questionable comments and address the difference in opinion because it can increase views.

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