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Angry Messages Are Not Cool Text

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, we do not have a right to ruin someones day. But, just characters on a computer screen should not have too much of an effect. So, angry messages are not cool text. Given, good internet etiquette to refrain from intentional harm. Text can be permanent while emotion changes quickly.

Angry Messages Are Not Cool Text Netiquette

To begin, certain topics are upsetting. Beyond that tone plays a role. On the other hand, factual information is at the heart of our feelings. And so, people who send bad information are upsetting others on purpose. Not by accident. A trait of a toxic person. But, we all make mistakes.

Next, our anger is not supposed to get the best of us. Furthermore, make us uncomfortable. Writing something angry is a form of abuse. We anticipate a problem. Don’t worry be happy. Anger is a social phenomenon in most cases.

Some get angry about news stories of senseless crime. Then, stop watching the news. Don’t get angry about it anymore. Given, don’t hear about. Sending angry text messages is much the same.

Why report something angry?

Emotions are illusive, they come and go for various reasons. Text messages can be saved. A saved message is not illusive. We can retrieve it and see it later.

Many people say or write things they do not mean when they are angry or inebriated. Saying something mean can hurt someone’s feelings, but the words are gone as soon as they are spoken.

Learning of the death of another human being is generally not cool to do by text. In addition, ending a romantic relationship is cold to do with a message. Online communication is not personal.

Angry Messages Netiquette

Texting something mean can hurt someone’s feeling more than once and it can hurt more than one persons feelings because of the cyber nature of texting.