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Agree on Terms of Exchange In Classifieds

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

First, circumstances change. Next, switching it up is a scam called, ‘bait and switch’. So, agree on terms of exchange in classifieds before meeting. Given, good netiquette to have a certain agreement. As a result, do a double check of the terms of the deal. Given, things change.

Agree On Terms

In any event, sellers change the terms of an online advertisement without notice. And so, a bait and switch. Also, hidden fees exist. Plus, sellers do not always share negative information unless asked.

Still, we can ask questions about the offer on the telephone. Some people record calls. Hence, to make sure that the deal is still the same as advertised. Condition of a product for sale is often different than described.

Confirming advertisement information through a conversation gives a potential buyer more information about the validity of a post. Confirmation through the telephone provides peer pressure for the poster to hold up their end of the bargain during the transaction. The potential buyer has the sellers word.


How the person who answers the phone responds is important. The vocal variety could be an indicator if voice is muffled and low. In addition, vague word choice is problematic.

Explanations mean something. Answers to questions provided give us a feeling. We need to feel honesty of the seller. A desperate deal is often bad. Often, we choose to believe something our gut tells us not to. At least, ask about it clearly on the phone.

Accordingly, sellers often list multiple items. Thus, could be similar terms. But, it depends on the item. In addition, the seller. Cars are sold as is for the most part. But, some states require it pass emissions. Also, seller may not be the owner. An apartment for rent could be a sublet.

Agree On Terms Netiquette

Confirm everything because terms may be different than you thought.