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Accuracy No Fake News Social Media

Netiquette Rule For Internet Etiquette

Accuracy No Fake News Social Media Netiquette

To begin, reports of false information are harming society. Then, foreign governments use propaganda to change free elections. Accordingly, we need accurate stories for democracy to work. In fact, was first done by Eisenhower in Iran (Aryan) elections. After, he created the internet.

Misinformation is undue influence at least. Slavery on some level. Given, people don’t know better. Accuracy describes something that is correct. It is a state of being. Information that is accurate is correct. Social media has information that is not accurate. False information in social media is called a hoax because the content is generated from contacts.

So, keep in mind. Thus, seldom factual. Accordingly, highly opinionated. It follows, facts have different value. Hence, good emotion from positive experience is a matter of opinion. Also, we can feel.

Accurate Social Media

In any event, information that is correct, accurate. Gives a social media network credibility. It follows, information that if false, lies, degrade and entire social media network. Kind of like the saying, ‘we are only as strong as our weakest link’.

We trust networks, people, and information from networks with people who tell the truth. Half truths are the most enslaving. Thus, requires a high level of intelligence to catch it. Furthermore, most will know what the person is trying to convey. And so, accept fake news for other reasons.

Socially people tell half truths. We make ourselves look as good as we can to our friends. In addition, light teasing is usually acceptable. Honestly, we need to break down social barriers so we can all be truthful and feel good about it. Let’s be real.

Accuracy Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to share accurate information through social media because people trust people, information, and networks with accurate users.