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Welcome to digital transformation netiquette rules. My name is David Chiles. To start, tips are something like an etiquette book written by George Washington. Next, Netiquette Foundations Keywords 101. Finally, creating a strategy to spread the word.

Netiquette Foundations Keywords 101
Netiquette Foundations Keywords 101

In any event, white hat methods for search engine optimization. As a result, a peaceful message of acceptance with appropriate engagement. Here, social conventions teachers have been using since 2007.

Digital citizenship codified. Thus, our transformation has begun. Read more for a little about our past civilizations.

I Pledge Allegiance To The United States For Which It Stands

Now, I feel compelled to include USA law and its meaning in order to make the world a better place. No joke.

‘Knowing is half the battle’

Yo Joe
  • Entire government, local and federal, shall be killed according to our Bill of Rights. Hanging is our guillotine. Bill of rights is the code of the French Revolution codified as our supreme law.
  • Whites shall be imprisoned. Necessary to bear arms does not actually mean kill anyone. Only government officials and or municipalities for violation. Then, systemic violation is apparent.
  • Digital transformation requires an understanding of social right and wrong. Religion has served this role in the past. Ethics as a study developed in ancient Persia. To be ethical we follow tips.

Every person in United States government shall be executed under our law or brought to justice under international. Furthermore, without a trial according to natural law codified in the bill of rights. Previously, agreed upon in the merger of the Masonic lodges in France. Basically, reason the guillotine was used in the French revolution.

Network etiquette is a collection of communication conventions for electronics. Then, netiquette rules are the social code of the Information Age. And so, we come together ethically to bring the worst people in history of humanity to justice.

Netiquette Rules FAQ’s

Why did Eike integrate education in the USA after WWII?

German government executed and imprisoned after WWII. Same thing applied to United States under international law (different than God’s law). In any event, American Bar Association formed to keep people enslaved through law enforcement.

Slavery continues today under the ABA by whites. A world society that knows this comes together to follow Gods law. So, the next chapter is world peace through education with just law enforcement. Execution of every person in government of the United States of America. Imprisonment of all whites. Let them die naturally. Sending their children to other countries.

What are the rules of netiquette?

First, the rules of netiquette are network etiquette. Next, internet ethics rules for effective communication. In any event, technically a set of arbitrary rules.

Then, ethics based on the Golden Rule, which is social. Accordingly, core rules were the most popular at the time of creation. And so, included in an ethical philosophy. Therefore, rules are real. It follows, definition was created by me, David Chiles, to explain them.


For context, Susa formed in 4395 BCE. Considered beginning of civilization and Persian empire. Probably just writing. Older temples and burial rituals exist. But, the age of the pyramids rose and fell in between. Then, wars end corruption to bring about new eras. Given, aforementioned reference to the French Revolution that brought about the industrial revolution.


Golden Rule

Final resting place of Darious. Creator of the Persian Royal Road. Modern day United States Postal Services uses my family Motto and symbols for credibility. Also, predates fraudulent christian order. Plus, our gold standard was codified as the Daric. Purposely included in the torah as donations for the temple of David. On top of that, Cyrus is the Messiah who freed the Jews.


Social code of my family codified by Cyrus, the Messiah. Since he died in battle we have been taught to turn the other cheek. In fact, when the empire fell, we were already gone. Conquerors were later killed by their own. So, the order lives on today in many ways. Religious freedom is our hallmark.

Internet Etiquette

Really, made for Aryans. Given, belief in God. Computers symbolize how far humanity has come. Also, that all without Afros are Aryan in nature. So, it is personal. I believe in God. Given, the belief in One God led to the rise in humanity. Furthermore, we are related in many ways. So, a code for all hominims (people with Afros too). Since, we have different degrees of genes.

Netiquette Rules Internet Etiquette Home

Netiquette Rules Internet Etiquette

Still, individuals choose to follow. Hence, facilitates effective communication on the internet. Thus, many accepted and follow for different reasons. As a result, core conventions are the most agreed upon. The golden Rule of Netiquette is the foundation of cyber etiquette theory.

We are human, so netiquette is human. The human condition is positive, caring, and thoughtful. People are good. Positive comments and heart warming stories are part of the human condition. Knowing how to criticize someone in cyberspace without hurting their feelings shows you care. Helping others on the internet is thoughtful. The rules of netiquette come from the human condition because internet users are humans.

Digital Manners

Domains have their own etiquette because websites have different users, applications, and rules. People act different on different networks. Given, networks are different. Hence, there are multiple sets of customs for this reason.

The Rules of Netiquette are the common conventions of internet communication.

Please, mind your digital manners and practice good Netiquette because there are no Netiquette police. As a caveat, Sharia law countries we not part of the target market until now. Etiquette police exist in those countries. Then, content you access is up to you as a matter of principle, even if the content itself is bad Netiquette.