The secret of Millennial netiquette. It’s all beta. Still, get started. Learn the rules.

Mobile Devices

Handheld and wearable electronics with wi-fi and app installation capabilities. Together with our own style of input.

Social Media

Content we create for contacts. To start, needs an audience and engagement. Then, we keep up with contacts.

An introduction to digital civility. Our Golden Rule of humanity is explained as the basis for positive online communication. After, social media etiquette is used as an example. Finally, a proven technique for earning affirmation from our friends is shared.

Social code of the web using the Golden Rule as an example. Behavior that is returned in kind. Stuff that gets ignored. How to engage contacts in an online relationship. Voice over by David Chiles. Run time is 1 minute 55 seconds. High Definition video.

Netiquette is the social code of the internet. Cyberbullying happens. Flaming is common. Internet trolls like to throw shade on our appearance. That’s why we follow internet rules. To be free from salty comments we use social media etiquette. To begin, the golden rule. Like for like, follow for follow type engagement. Ask yourself, would you like this? Use this rule to discover new contacts. Follow or like someone. We give respect to get it. Internet safety in a way. The kindness we show directly affects the compassion we get. If we spill the tea, it can be hard to get empathy from friends. We need to stay woke on internet rules. Instead of trying to be the G.O.A.T. focus on inclusivity. Stick to the top ten customs without being extra. We are talking about using the web effectively. Getting the little things right. Learning the tips takes some time. We know what every else is doing for digital civility after that. Healthy web use is our goal. A lot of stuff is connected one way or the other. It’s the iot. Come on, we talk to our devices. Sharing a great picture or article works well. Be original in that it’s something our associates haven’t seen yet. So, get something you know is trending. Slay it with content that’s relevant right now. Last, pace tasks for online engagement. Plan communication. Develop your own processes. Engagement gets better. Know your netiquette. Check out the top customs to add more discipline to routines. Share them for authority. Subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos. Follow my facebook page ecofriendly living for netiquette, and alternating tech news and ecofriendly stories. Also, updates from this site. Thanks for watching.

Students, teachers, millennials with smartphones!


Internet rules for mobile devices, desktop computers, and monitoring electronics.


Learn to be basic. The secret of netiquette is to fit in online. To that end, internet etiquette rules.

Golden Rule

Attraction requires action. On the phone. At school. At work. To help us in our daily lives.