Email Netiquette Zip Attachments Safety 6th Rule

Email Netiquette to Zip Attachments For Delivery

Email netiquette to zip attachments for delivery. Millennials, workers, and students who use email for important messages require software to shrink and package files for delivery. Large files slow down network traffic. Multiple files add up to a large file. A security risk. Other stuff could be hidden in them.

Zipping files. Large files for their size. Also, package multiple before sending them. In our email programs sending attachments above a certain size. First, bandwidth is a concern. Next, big downloads are tough on our data transfer capabilities. Zip large file attachments for fast delivery in email.

Administrators set up rules for attachment compliance. We can put big documents in a package. So, zip large files for fast delivery in email. It is proper netiquette to make them manageable before attaching them. Do package large files. Zipping attachments is a safety.