Distracted Driving Dangers With 3 Tips

Distracted Driving Dangers With 3 Tips

Distracted driving network etiquette to avoid the dangers for awareness when in control of vehicles and around them with 3 netiquette tips.

There are many distracted driving dangers. The following tips on how to avoid them can save your life. Mobile netiquette to stop accidents with awareness. For your physical safety and those around you. Walking, during conversation, driving, or at café. Traveling and in public and semi-private areas.

Look out for moving people in public. Cyber walking and distracted driving happen. Be a safe user. Stop moving to tap and touch the screen. Look around.

Tips on how to be safe while using network computers in public. Save lives. Prevent injury. Keep us out of harm’s way. While engaged in internet mobility with the general public. Stay in the moment. Be present in real life.

What is distracted driving?

Distracted driving is operating a vehicle without giving your full attention to control. Applies to motor and pedelec transportation. Includes, cars, trucks, bikes, skateboards, hover boards, ebikes and electric or human powered wheels.

In terms of netiquette, digital distractions are the focus. Known to cause accidents. Mobile devices, infotainment displays, and assisted driving capture your attention.

Texting requires looking at your phone, thinking about the message, and finding buttons to push. Almost driving blind. Talking on your phone to a lesser extent. Takes your eyes off the road for few seconds to look at the phone. Not listening to the sounds of the road. Focused on phone audio.

Following directions causes you to look and concentrate on electronics as well. Adjusting music volume. You look and listen to the infotainment display. Could be a mobile device. Sometimes you rely on computer assistance too much. Driving alerts can warn you too late. Lane assist and blind spot detection don’t replace paying attention.

How to stop distracted driving

First, watch out. Then, don’t do stuff while distracted. So, mobile awareness to stop accidents from happening. Unexpected hazards happen. Then, expect the unexpected.

In general, digital distraction is different. Here, the issue is physical harm to real people. Millennials agree it is a problem. Studies show distracted driving statistics, research, and facts.

Hence, don’t do stuff while distracted. Stop driving to give your full attention to a device. Otherwise, be careful. In any event, a known cause for automobile crashes. Also, walking accidents as well. Given, proper netiquette to prevent crashing. So, do be safe.

Distracted Driving

Phone use coupled with anything increases the chances of being in an accident. Given, for everyone around. As a result, everyone has to be careful around devices. And so, mobile device use distracts others from what they are doing too. Not, just us.

Accordingly, easily movable distracts us. Also, used in most situations. High probability of accident demands attention. Device engagement requires you to look at the screen. After, a touch or a tap to navigate.

It follows, you must focus on the content delivery when engaged on mobile devices. Still, you are participating in normal activity around you. Be vigilant in recognizing certain cues to be safe.

Driving Distractions

There are precautions you take. Especially, in places where mobile use is heavy. As a result, mitigates the risk of harm. Customs for basic accident prevention from mobile internet and device use.

In the first place, be aware someone else probably uses a phone where you do. Distracts people. Knowledge of digital distraction helps you and the rest of us avoid accidents. Since, you know what it is like to use you look out.

But, something you need to train yourself to think about. Works both ways. So, watch out. In return, others will watch out for you. Recognize a person cyber walking and stay out of the way.

Distracted Driving Netiquette

Watch out to prevent accidents. Mitigate distraction. Use awareness. Consciously follow tips.  Look around. Given, mobile devices cause four different types of impairment alone.

Driver distraction is real. As a result, you can quantify the damage it causes statistically. However, lets not take that into account. Remember to be human. Preventable accidents are not human nature. We look out for each other.

Be proactive. Don’t let distraction cause an accident. Furthermore, be a contributing factor to a fatality. Distracted driving is the first of the top ten mobile netiquette rules.

Distracted Driving Infographic

Distracted driving infographic that explains four types of distractions. Also, provides statistics about accidents in the United States where phones play a role. Reading this infographic carefully could save your life. Not joking. You need to be aware of the ways you are affected by smartphones. Provided here.

First, a factor of fatal automobile accidents eight and a half percent of the time in twenty nineteen. So, there may have been less fatalities on the road if we were not distracted by mobile telephones. Now, it affects us in four different ways. Visual distraction is the most obvious. When a driver looks away from the road. Could be at something outside or inside the vehicle. Causes accidents.

In addition, there is manual distraction. Removing a hand or hands from the steering wheel to do something else. Less control over the automobile. More likely to crash. Cognitive distraction happens when your mind wonders away from the task at hand. Namely, driving. Concentrating on something away from the road decreases alertness causing accidents.

Auditory distraction is another factor in motor vehicle accidents. Listening to sounds away from the road. Listening to music, talking, or other noise. In any event, texting while driving could include all four distractions at once. An auditory alert. Visual looking at the phone. Manual typing of the message. Finally, cognitive distraction thinking about composition. Please, follow mobile netiquette to stop accidents.

Distracted Driving Netiquette Tips

There are certain things you can do to limit some electronic distractions. Best practices for safe driving in a car. When driving pedelec vehicles, the concepts apply. However, need to find different methods of implementation. Follow these 3 netiquette tips.

3 Distracted Driving Netiquette Tips

Stow Phone

Put your phone in a compartment. Someplace out of reach while driving.

Read Directions First

Read directions before you start driving. Pull over to look at a map.


Adjust infotainment settings while parked.