Discretion Netiquette Knowing Right or Wrong

On phones, at work, or at school we can do better. Up to us to set our own standards of right and wrong. Certain activities require us to try harder.

  • Right on three different levels is according to religion, friends and family, and government law.
  • True to ourselves involves information gathering, seeking our best choice, and action similar to a purchase decision.
  • Personal brand is who we are for the most part, however, we shall change our decision making process with new information or a better understanding given change is good.

Discretion is a religious standard. Thus, government regulates. So, our decisions are natural, religious, in principle law. Ethics come from a belief in One God. After, we consider an algorithm when we engage. Given, it helps.

Discretion Our Best Judgment Netiquette

Right on different levels. Islamic faith is right in principle because we use Arabic numerals. No two ways about it. We agree to follow Islam with the concept of 0. Comes from Muslim renaissance. Many people follow without realizing it.

  • Right. According to ethics. Persian Royal Order.
  • Legitimate. Appropriate activity. Internet Etiquette.

Hindu beliefs and the belief in one God were written about first in Persia. We created the word Vishnu. And so, God started civilization. As a result, speech developed. Hence, we are free in spirit.

Implies ethical consideration. Given, we consider others. So, Golden Rule is a boundary. Doing things solely in our best interest is unethical. Consequences for this type of behavior.

Discretion Meaning

True to ourselves involves information gathering. Still, many do not know any better. Also, they do not understand the consequences of their actions.

Then, activity not in the best interest is bad judgement. Thus, doing without knowing is a bad decision. Good decisions require we know there is no better.

User decision about how much info to give contacts is a course of ethical action. It follows, profile and posts. In addition, writing to contacts. Confidentiality is an aspect. Money management is another. Hence, discretion means something different in the business world.

Finding Your Personal Style

Personal brand is who we are for the most part. Hence, we use discretion. Given, data can easily be hacked. Also, sold.

Accessing info is optional. Can be bought. Black hat hacks are against the law. Some people do not know any better.

Unauthorized acquisition of data is hacking. There is a lot of hacking. Data is easily compromised by mistake and on purpose. Personal judgment is commonly used to determine information sharing practices.

Best Behavior Netiquette

Use discretion, your best judgment. Discretion advised for online activity. Given, the internet is public. Then, a chance anyone and everyone can see our data.

Most people would never think to look. Others would never think about looking. Some people expose private information for others to see without trying.

Last, good behavior to us may be different than others. Groups are different. And so, we have different levels of common contact. So, family is the most personal. Employment is the most professional. Public is the most discretionary.

To be our best we use good decision making in online engagement during our daily activities. Follow the best advice we can in situations that apply.