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About David P. Chiles Great Netiquette Blog

About David P. Chiles Netiquette blog.

Netiquette is more important than ever for social distancing, remote learning, and working from home. People coming together within the framework of the Golden Rule is the resolution to the transition into the information age.

I see myself, David P. Chiles, helping people with online media and related products. So, publishing terms of service. Conditions are the chosen markets.

David P. Chiles

Netiquette, NetworkEtiquette.net, is a David P. Chiles writing and hosting sample. A real tech geek with a passion for positive communication. WordPress enthusiast.

David P. Chiles Communications has more than 15 years experience in web design and hosting this blog. Already been to the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Repurposed long-form content, netiquette guide, from good to great.

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Practice Netiquette

The value proposition of the Netiquette blog is to use and share the most socially acceptable internet etiquette rules. Using is sharing. Sharing is using. Posting a backlink may be done for authority beyond general use.

Personally, the netiquette brand mission is to have fun helping people in my chosen markets. The netiquette blog is a top of the funnel influencer blog. Leads to a newsletter subscription most likely.

Initially, the plan was to write about intellectual property and digital marketing. Develop the rules with a consensus. It didn’t work out that way. Teachers require students to use it. Influencers, online dating experts, and affiliate marketers use it too. Digital marketing newbies.


The Netiquette blog mission is to create rules that are used as a standard for effective online communication throughout the world. Internet etiquette tips people like and share more than any other. To bring us together for positive engagement.


Natural law for internet society. Results from netiquettes mission. This website defines acceptable behavior in popular culture online for both religious and non-religious human beings. A return to widespread use as a reference for students, parents, and professionals is what I see in the future. A slow build up to the point of showing a large audience how to engage each other appropriately.

I, David P. Chiles, envision a world without communication or commercial barriers. Where we can follow the rules of netiquette to fit in on social media, at school, and at work. Rules good people follow. A uniform code of contact for civilized conduct on the web.

Based on the past traffic, I imagine barriers coming down between people and resources with informatization. Digital transformation of society. So, we are all smart. Less government. More money. Making the Information Age a reality through the innovation of users who practice proper netiquette.


David P. Chiles Netiquette mission includes content related values. On top of simply good words, good deeds, and good thoughts. Meaning of the faravahar symbol and cross. Beyond that there is a religious element. Natural law means religious. Here, focusing on the value my content provides all users.

  • Quality – High quality content.
  • Readability – Understandable to a lot of people.
  • Long-form content – In depth answers to questions.

High quality content is considered a unicorn in search results. My website is a unicorn of sorts for network etiquette. In the top three results. Follow my rules with confidence. It is better than the best schools in the world. Competitors are large accredited public universities offering marketing, business, and education degrees. I plan to make my content even better with more relevant topics. A bigger resource for readers.

Readability means easy to read. Writing that isn’t too difficult to understand. In general, clearly written. Additionally, uses simple wording. A low density of words with three or more syllables. A lot of one syllable words. Currently, not using tests to determine a grade level. However, practiced and practiced using them until I was comfortable with my style. The Flesh reading score helped me, at first. Others were used as well.

Long-form content provides in depth information. Basically, 600 words or more. Mine answers questions. It is at the top of the marketing funnel. Then, I am not explicitly asking you to buy anything. Advertising may reach you based on where you are in someone else’s marketing funnel. I am sharing with you answers to commonly asked questions.


We are in the process of informatization. A transformation from the industrial age to the information age. The climate crisis and pandemic are making it happen more than anything else right now. Still, we have been building up to it since civilization began.

My, David P. Chiles, history and lineage led me to want to help. Information technology is one of my biggest interests. I, David P. Chiles, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Son of Roberta Anne Raya. The biological father is Paul Thomas Chiles. Parents married at the San Gabriel Mission in a Catholic ceremony.

Natural marriage in a Church older than the country. Mom and Grandma were married in the same chapel. The church is known as the Mother of Los Angeles. Mom and I are Persian royalty. Don’t know Dad.

The word netiquette is somewhat of my creation. Really, netiquette rules are the result of a personal statement document. First, used the word in a Toastmasters speech in Newport Beach, California.

At the time, I was trying to figure out how to make my personal statement real. Then, got a request to fill in for someone who couldn’t make their speech. So, I wrote one about netiquette.

Netiquette has become a guide for everyone. People who believe in God and don’t. All races and ethnicity. Gender and orientation as well. I made the conscious choice to include everyone.



I discovered who I am, David P. Chiles, reading. At first, history books on the founding fathers of the United States. After, learned Chinese numerology. Then, studied my Persian royal lineage. The apparent migration of my family / clan from the mountains in Iran to England and India.

Persian Royalty

As far as we can tell, my family civilized us in caves in Iran with the Golden Rule. After, Cyrus the Great, was the great law giver. Later, Darius the Great created the gold standard. Finally, our rule of reciprocity applies online as a basis for sharing.

Astronomical accounts and calculations happened over centuries before cuneiform in the mountains of Iran. Sign of the cross marked the clan. Agriculture and hunting parties began settling outside the caves 45,000 years ago. In locations with the best view of many astronomical events. Golden rule was written on walls of caves.

An actual cuneiform tablet signed by Darius the Great exists with the order to mint gold coins at a standard weight and measure. The standard became used as a benchmark for all currencies around the world. The Persian Royal Road was considered the safest highway in the world under him.

Apparently, we went out from Iran East as Vedics. So, Russia, India, and Pakistan. Sanskrit still uses some of the original cuneiform symbols we created. Vishnu, for example.


West the link was found in my Surname which established the Anglo-Saxon culture. The identity of England comes from Iranian heritage. Aryans, Iranians, settled in Germany. East Germany turned into France. French and Germans moved to England in the 5th Century.

Chiles Coat of Arms traces its roots to the infusion of French dialect into the English language. The French German Cild became Chiles. A cultural identity began to develop in England which led to more significant events in history. A distinct element is women’s rights.

Chiles is found in Hertfordshire as a councilmen in the first millennium near the turn of the century. Settlement dates back 20,000 years. By all respects, genetic and symbolic, the sign of the cross is actually the sign of our family.

Important to note, One God religions use the same basic story about my family with different characters. Honestly, I was inspired to make infographics after seeing The House of Tudor traced to mine in a medieval information poster in real life.

To understand, Persian Royalty ruled as the King of Kings. However, succession was matrilineal. The divine right of English Royalty was symbolically established on posters during Medieval Times by tracing their lineage to the King of Kings.

Genetic research has shown that people with blue eyes are descendants of one member of the Persian Royal family. Muhammed, Peace Be Upon Him, had blue eyes. He was not Aryan. So, the mutation travelled before we spoke since we raise our kids.

New World Order

Social justice and political protests organized online are changing the world. For example, the Arab Spring. A netiquette world order is emerging in many places. Meaning we are organizing ourselves, economy, and government online. As a result, the history of netiquette is merging with world history.

Filling in the gaps of social, economic, and physical well being is the course the history of netiquette is taking. Marginalization of unfair power structures is happening. For instance, the squad is a political force in the USA. Dark skinned women and Muslims.

Online engagement is lowering barriers between people around the world. Our best companies are run by people who are traditionally in the margin. Apple has a homosexual president.

Microsoft and Google are led by Indians. A small minority of people in America. Really, the Indian community provides the human capital for the tech sector here. India is the largest democracy in the world. A couple of religions dominate the culture, Hindu and Islam.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is the underlying belief of social interaction. It is freedom. Everyone is free to treat others how they want to be treated. The concept can be applied to cryptocurrency to resolve inflation and inequality.

The Golden Rule is often called a rule of reciprocity. Reciprocity means that a person exchanges something equally with another. A person who helps someone will receive help.  

Societies form based on this principle. Schools are built on it. People learn from it. The knowledge derived from the Golden Rule created the current world society because all knowledge has been acquired from systems based on its use. The internet is a product of it.  

World society exists based on the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It has been recorded throughout history as the rule that governs societal actions.  

The commonly held belief that binds the history of netiquette with reality. It is to, ‘do unto others as you would have done to you’. In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated. Netiquette rules may not contradict this rule because it is the basis.

Internet Society

Digital marketing and cryptocurrency are the next pieces of the puzzle for informatization to happen. Netiquette is becoming more than social. Instead of the social and moral code of the internet.

It has become, a code of conduct for effective communication online. More accepted as principle ethics. Practice.