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Contact includes several methods to get in touch virtually. First, related to netiquette customs on this site. After, direct and indirect ways to connect regarding David P. Chiles Communications portfolio. Moreover, enquiring minds want to know. Furthermore, a standard for websites. Also, applications on other platforms. Often, required.

Honestly, do not want direct communication about this site. Certainly, no unwanted messages. It follows, can’t afford the time. In the past, feedback has helped improve the content. On top of that, only one instance of allowing an online publication to republish rules. Then, 99.9% of requests are denied. However, paying customers are welcome. Additionally, see below.

  • In the first place, email address listed is for serious feedback from users. A limited use account to prevent unwanted contact.
  • Secondly, Mailchimp signup form to get on one of our newsletter email lists. Launching a newsletter with exclusive content.
  • Third, a way for you to hire me to create a WordPress blog and or content for you. Information about my Fiverr offer to create a website and UpWork profile for an hourly rate to create content.

Contact David P. Chiles Communications

To start, contact us by following a social media profile. Accordingly, several networks in English. Currently, other languages as well. So, find me. Equally, follow the account. In addition, engage in the like. In general, direct contact from newsletter signups. Working on the first issue. With this in mind, register your email address.

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Contact us David P. Chiles Communications. Specifically, the phone or text number, and website. Hence, part of an offer to setup a WordPress website. Including, web hosting for a year. Thus, value priced web hosting is part of the business. Fiverr has the basic offer for a WP site. UpWork profile allows clients to hire through their platform.

First, mission is to help people with online media and related products. So, publishing terms. Service in chosen markets. Build WordPress websites for businesses. Provide digital marketing. Soloprenuer David P. Chiles is a sole proprietor, freelancer, with no employees or plans to hire.

Developing a personal WordPress portfolio for the Netiquette brand. Netiquette Hosting has a proprietary user interface similar to the cPanel. Something most of us may be used to using with other hosts. But, a lot easier.

Call 📞 01 (206) 569-4559

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Contact us David P. Chiles Communications website with a get quote button. Also, a call option. So, people interested in a WordPress business site can get a quote for a domain, hosting, installation, and content creation in one place. Small to medium sized businesses without an online presence.

A direct contact method with general information about David Chiles as a solopreneur. For a company that needs an expert to create an informational website for phones and desktops that includes contact information. Go to the website. Click one of the contact buttons. Leave appropriate information for follow up.


Contact us by visiting the blog. Learn a standard reference of norms for us to use in our own online communication. Categorisation of content so we can communicate in a meaningful way. Millennials, workers, and remote learners.

Netiquette rules blog we grew up learning. Teachers used the rules with explicit permission in the terms of service. Others found them searching the internet.

On top of that, tried and tested on almost every social media platform at one time or another. It’s human nature. The mind strives for order. As a result, an element of goodness is inherent.

We are good people. Thus, a way in which we can be good online. Already agreed upon by use. Building back better. Comes from the largest internet etiquette rule set. Rewritten with the inverted pyramid. Also, restarting a book series.

Netiquette Blog is a netiquette blog. Been around for a long time. And so, many changes.

Netiquette (Noun) 1. Social code of the internet. 2. Contemporary standards of communication for people using a collection of computers. 3. Social and moral code of the internet based on the Golden Rule.

At this point, the focus is on great content more than anything else. Technical aspects are important. Readability is a consideration. Scaling in languages that have contributed the most traffic in the past.


Millennials starting a blog as an online business, affiliate marketers, small to mid-size companies who need an online presence, and students getting their first website to innovate an idaea.

David P. Chiles Communications is a host. Domain names, plans, upgrades, and other services can be purchased directly through the website. ID 63125 can be used to place an order by calling for one of the specially priced products and services.

Netiquette Web Hosting

Pricing is designed to be low cost high value for an initial web presence. Not that other plans are expensive. Just that these types of sites need basic services. Nothing more. Chiles is a WordPress expert. Hosting is a sales channel. Included in the Fiverr offer to build a company website.

More than that, an industry related blog is a real lead magnet for sales. One click installation requires no programming knowledge. In general, the control panel is easier to use than competitors. So, great stand-alone products and services for a target market of WordPress websites.

Domain registration, web hosting plans, and other technical Internet Service Provider products available directly from David P. Chiles Communications online and from the call centre. Offers on Internet services provided when ready to purchase a domain name and start a website.


Netiquette hosting offers top-notch web hosting and tons of free-of-cost bonuses, which will help you launch your web site in no time. We have a proprietary Control Panel called Hepsia and our tests have revealed that it is at least three times faster than other Control Panels. You can always rely on our 24×7 technical support team whose members will respond to you in less than 20 minutes.

A Stable Hosting Platform. Your web site needs to be visible online. This is the reason why we rely on enterprise-level servers powered by the proven mix of Linux and Apache. We are also working with four excellent data centre facilities where you can host your web sites. This allows us to offer a 99.9 percent server uptime guarantee.

At Netiquette, our aim is to provide innovative web hosting technologies. Our web hosting services arrive with generous disk drive storage space. Monthly bandwidth allocations, domain registration & transfer options. Intuitive Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting possibilities, as well as free-of-charge extras. 1-click PHP applications installer and a site builder. All web hosting accounts can be easily administered through our multi-language Control Panel. A 24-7 client support service is offered as well.

WordPress Hosting

Contact us at Netiquette web hosting offers feature rich website hosting bundles. One click WordPress installation on our top-notch website hosting platform. A fast migration of all your websites to our platform is available at no cost.

Go to the website. Get the bare bones business package with a couple domain names for your existing or potential business. You can always upgrade. Otherwise get a bigger package if you want more. Call the toll-free number with questions. Don’t forget to give them ID 63125 for the right deal.

Contact us on fiverr. Fiverr is a platform many people use to make offers for digital services. Lots of LinkedIn profiles include fiverr as the employer. Really, a platform that has been around for while.

Now, I am ready to help you tell a storey with a WordPress website. A WordPress enthusiast. Blogger. Let’s setup or upgrade together.

Here’s what I can do for you:

  • Domain name & hosting setup.
  • WordPress installation.
  • Theme installation & setup.
  • Design images for pages.
  • Install plugins.
  • Optimise for faster loading.
  • On-page SEO.


Contact us on UpWork. A platform for people, organisations, and companies to hire freelancers. Employers post a job. Freelancers submit a proposal. After, a contract for a specific job entered. Payment is through the platform. First, I know how to create Unicorn content. Second, working on my portfolio before I submit proposals. But, you can contact me.

WordPress is my top skill. I have experience with a variety of themes and plugins. Know how to make graphics for them as well. In addition, on-page SEO, optimisation, security, and Google Analytics. It follows, I can recommend the best plugins because I have tried and tested them. Also, have a top ranking blog for an educational keyword, network etiquette.

Unicorn content appears in the top three results on Google. As you may know, click through rates drop off significantly after that. Keyword research is a big factor. You need to find words you can rank for. I have my own process. Learnt from Coursera, Moz, and Lynda courses. Still, created my own Unicorn content first.