Climate Hawks v Zombies With 2 Effects To Watch

Climate Hawks v Zombies With 2 Effects To Watch

Climate hawks and zombies network etiquette is to be aware of big climate changes due to global warming. Netiquette to live sustainably stop 2 effects.

To start, sustainability has too much biofuel behind it to stop advancing green tech. Climate change hawks versus zombies. On one side, there are watchdogs. On the other, ignorant influences. We are consumers. Now, here’s the real estate game plan.

Global Warming caused by climate change makes real estate to thaw out. Plus, forests are dying. Thus, conserve to preserve. Watch dogs are climate hawks. Known to hug trees. A group of people who take action. Now, let’s be reasonable here.

Consumers can buy sustainable products. Not always an option. So, think about how to make or buy ecofriendly products.

What are climate hawks?

Climate hawks are people willing to make big changes to their lifestyle for sustainability. Supporters of climate action through progressive measures.

A person engaged in the political debate surrounding eco-friendly living. The term climate hawks is a label for environmentalists. They watch closely to see that things are done to save the earth from Global Warming.

An emphasis is placed on media that supports the environment. Climate hawks read, share, and like content with information to help live sustainably. They are willing to raise awareness of pollution and the consequences.

What is climate change?

Things are changing in the air, climate change. Ahem, cough, cough, dirty. Eco, bio, it’s all sustainable. As far as you can tell, temperatures are rising around us. And so, you are asking yourself what to do.

Climate is your ecology. You know, objects in action, air you breathe. Thus, physical relations. Hence, it’s all about the weather. Given, biggest influence on the ecological environment. As a result, your lives are built to withstand the conditions.

Clothes, cars, and buildings protect us from the elements. In addition, food keeps your bodies strong. It follows, how were living is how you deal with the weather. For example, whether or not you order takeout is influenced by rain. Where you live sets the boundaries.

Climate Hawks

Please be advised, climate hawks are monitoring closely. Be smart about it, it’s your life. Hence, use Self Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology effectively.

Hawks watch things. It follows, real estate is your field. Next, you live the life you like. Smart, huh. Watch it, change it. Get in where you fit in. Lastly, find a niche to lead. Always, be a good follower to be a good leader.


Some of us, don’t know, don’t care, or can’t do anything about it. Then, you get displaced. Another way to put it, bad economy or war. Since, makes us move.

Zombies follow the crowd. Accordingly, you all do sometimes. Then, no one can lead all the time. So, be smart about following.

Sustainable Living

Climate hawks are making a comeback. Zombies are dominating. Big business rules.

  1. Ecosystems
  2. Forests
  3. Food Justice

You are changing the game. Sustainable construction projects are growing. Business practices are getting more eco-friendly. There are ten do’s and don’ts to follow for eco-friendly living.

Hawks Versus Zombies

Don’t get it twisted, millennials grew up knowing our exchange of goods and services is short sighted. Now, permaculture is taking over. Then, land use management for us. Hence, different by design. After, you have a more organic ecosystem. Nowadays, a vibrant gig economy is being built in. So, food justice can be served. Then, growth without harm. And so, walkability is an issue.

Real estate is the field hawks and zombies are playing on. Next, Green tech is equipment. Actually, name of this game is informatization. But, that’s too long. Just, go with the flow. Then, get in the game.

After, your place is where you store your equipment. It follows, you should live in a green home. Next, low emission travel. Also, goods and services can be more efficient for us. For instance, packaging is a big waste.

Hence, it all boils down to real estate. On top of that, good weather is a premium. Further, your sense of ecosystem now includes the economy.

Finally, you are building efficient. Next, working that way as well. Bigger is not always better. Only, if you save overall. Hence, freelance is for all. Employees are inefficient. Thus, not competitive. Get it, you got to use your resources better. First, land, it’s a business.

You are getting warmer. Consequently, the entire area of the earth. Therefore, weather change. As a result, wood lands shrink. Plus, ice melts.

In any event, global warming is the rising average temperature of the earth. Obviously, might shake things up a little. Disastrous to some. On the other hand, areas become prime real estate. For instance, ice melts to show new ground.

Ego versus Eco Infographic

Ego vs eco infographic. On one side you have traditional products. On the side, more sustainable alternatives.

Ego is in the gray area. Given, tradition has its place. Moreover, you can use balance and trade offs to keep doing some stuff you like.

Eco is in the black. Sustainability sells. Accordingly, trending right now. Lots of incentives. Governments give their support. Consumers buy in.

How Climate Change Is Happening

Climate hawks watch certain stuff that is causing climate change to happen. In addition, they note the effects of Global Warming. After greater society becomes aware action is taken to mitigate the effects. Learn how it is happening and read about some of the effects.

Polar Ice Melt

Ice that’s been here 40,000 years is melting. How do I know, study. Colorado University (CU) writes about it. In a recent study, analysis of flora and fauna samples unthawed. Led us to discover, age from radio carbon dating.

To be clear, you don’t have a clue about time past 50,000 years. After that, maybe this is older than that. Basically, you came out of the ice age around then as Neanderthals. Next, to Aryan humans. That’s the cold heart of it. No telling why hominids are different. Best guess, writing and farming, God.


Forests are disappearing. For example, National Geographic shows this graphically. In any event, disasters are more frequent. Furthermore, more lives your lost. The term, senseless comes to mind.

Given, you have a sense that woods are an important part of your ecosystem. Then, definition is expanding to explain seemingly senseless acts. After the fact, you know. Next, you do better.