10 Core Rules of Netiquette

Learn the secrets of engaging the millennial mindset on the web with a mobile first mantra. Correct way of communicating online. Self-help and social good using phones and social media daily. In our connected lifestyle.


  1. Netiquette Definition For Digital Civility
  2. Internet Etiquette in Cyberspace
  3. 10 Core Rules

10 Core Rules of Netiquette


We need a virtual world for computers to communicate. Cyberspace. In order to get there, use a smartphone with social media.

Internet etiquette is comfortable contact. Even so, flaming happens a lot. Our appearance, politics, race, and religion start flame wars. Digital citizenship requires we know this.

Netiquette Definition

Then, netiquette definition comes from network and etiquette. It follows, people are good. Technically, society. May be misled, bad. Since we are good in the first place, tips keep us in a good millennial mindset.

  1. The social code of network communication.
  2. Moral web guidelines based on the Golden Rule.
  3. Standard online engagement conventions and norms.

We reach people around the world on the web. 10 netiquette rules are the correct way to engage. Basic self-help and social good. As a result, more likes and better engagement.

Internet Etiquette

The etiquette definition is a code of contemporary standards. Presently, the methods we use to convey meaning to each other in a civilised manner. Basically, non-offencive customs.

A requirement for certain activities. Not always. Hence, an element of manners. Often, taught in school. Companies have policies.

In any event, we have basic network rules as a requirement. Furthermore, schools and companies enforce their own manners. Following is necessary to engage respective groups.

10 Core Rules

Here’s an introduction to the most agreed upon tips, do’s and don’ts. We trust the conventions. Good to know. But, don’t get stuck in a rut. Discover the 10 netiquette rules for internet etiquette next.

Digital civility is something to think about. Practise by sharing. Understand, we need to work at it. Accept feedback.