Article and Video Sharing Netiquette Rule 9

Article and Video Sharing Netiquette Rule 9

Article and video sharing netiquette for likes. Don’t share media you have not consumed yourself. Watch videos you suggest friends watch. Read articles you post before posting them. Include relevant information in status updates. Show your contacts you like the media. Tell us why you liked it.

Easier to write an update when you know what you are writing about. On the other hand, hard to be sure of something you have not done. Understand, so friends and followers will to. Give a good reason to read an article or watch a video so contacts can show support reasonably.

Social media content suitable for sharing. In status updates, you post. In email messages you send. Also, messaging you do. Videos uploaded to networks. Really, watch the video after you edit. Before, you upload. Then, share it.

Using an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. The ‘share via’ button pages. During the time you spend looking for something to share. When you see something, your contacts might be interested in.

Article and Video Sharing

Millennials, students, and workers who actively use social media. Mainstream users who login a couple of times a day. Genuine interest in information sharing articles and video. Higher quality network for everyone. More engagement. We know what we are sharing. Better experience. Realistic expectations on the information we consume.

First, headlines catch our attention. And so, a good lead sentence. Also, a practise of copy writing. Plus, part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It follows, we can make one for our contacts.

Then, need to know facts. Hence, read what we share for likes from others. After, we know what a storey is about. Given, proper article and video sharing netiquette to share reasonable content we enjoy our self.

Netiquette For Likes

Next, it is good internet etiquette to understand that everyone likes to share good content with their friends. We may not do it all the time. But, we need affirmation in principle. However, views are an important factor.

Find your balance. Don’t share anything we would not like our self. Now, there are some exceptions. Given, we are subject matter experts with our own interests. Accordingly, alternate opinions may serve our keyword community.

Thus, we know what’s good. Also, we pick up on growing trends. In any event, identify with content we post. Since, we are anyway by sharing. As a result, tell us what facts we may find important. Lead us to the storey.

Article and Video Netiquette

Then, friends know each other. Something attracts us to each other. Friends of friends, for example. Consequently, artificial intelligence through suggestions.

Cyber friends have known interests. Also, opinions of each other. What we like is displayed in social media news feeds. Streams of content we scroll. Accordingly, we look. In addition, listen.

Professional writers are experts at writing catchy titles to grab a readers attention. Often times the article is not as eloquent or interesting as the title. Sometimes the title is completely misleading.

Article and Video Sharing Netiquette

It is proper netiquette to read all content before you share it or like it because the title could be misleading and your online images credibility could be damaged.

First, we need to find something we think our friends will like by the headline. But, does not interest us that much. Read it to make sure. Be a good resource.

Look for a reason to give your contacts to like it in the media. One of your takeaways from the content. Tell us what you learnt. Why you think it will help us. Let us take a look to see what we might like.

Video Sharing Infographic

Interesting statistics about video sharing. Both production and consumption. Basically, businesses are spending money on videos. Most consumers expect to stream product information.

First, they say it increases traffic to the website. Cheque it out. Next, sales increase too. Consumers want more.

Give contacts what the want most of the time. Don’t forget, sharing articles and video netiquette. Be reasonable.