About Me David Chiles

About Me David Chiles A 1 In Numerology Overcoming Obstacles To Be Great

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal.”

To start, I am writing about me David Chiles to share my own struggle that has shaped this order. Understand, a lot more rules already exist. Been to the top of search results. Going from good to great.

In the first place, this is a peaceful world order of internet etiquette for the Information Age. Now, amazing how much the world has changed since the site began. It all happened so fast. Financial crisis of 2007, Black President, reality tv star president, United States insolvency, the pandemic. Stuff happens.

Built this site after a change in plans to reach a goal. As a result, part of my mission is to make people aware that the government of the United States is a terrorist organization. Basically, that’s why netiquette is a personal blog. Rather than multiple writers or part of a school or business. However, I am working on school and business applications alone.

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the USA is homewrecking prostitute. Her bad leadership has to be blamed for an attempted murder on me. Joseph R. Biden is a liar and a cheat who suffers from Alzheimers. Both are former members of the worst terror organization in world history, American Bar Association. Please read my story to the end to see that law enforcement and leadership are criminals.

About Me David Chiles

About me David Chiles. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. My life back then was as a recognized member of the church, school, and neighborhood. Still, at this point I just want to start living. I plan to get a job programming. Create great content, high quality videos, readable blogs, and eBooks as well.

The word netiquette is somewhat of my creation. Really, netiquette rules are a personal statement. No joke. My passion for internet etiquette comes from the moment I became aware. In that instant, I decided to personally write the rules of the Information Age.

Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, and 911 inspired me. At the time, I was trying to wrap my head around numerology and masonry. History has always been my favorite subject. Given, my family created cuneiform writing.  

It’s been a struggle. I want to share it with you now. To understand, what it took to get this far. Really, I knew a lot of people in reality before I made so many virtual friends. How good the internet etiquette rules started out. How much better they are becoming.

Growing up is a relative term for me. Never done. Growing personally and professionally for the rest of my life. My dream is to do remote work from home. Also, in my camper. From my own cabin too.

Trying to reach the stage of life where I can afford it. Also, make enough money to pursue women. Get a nice car. Live in a nice place in a nice neighborhood. Writing has become a passion of mine. Accepted Islam for inner peace.

Digital marketing and cryptocurrency are my other interests besides writing words and code. SEO made NetworkEtiquette a top ranking site at one time. Netiquette.xyz too. Crypto is a game changer in terms of human rights, equality, standards of living. I want to be a part of that.

Who is David Chiles?

It follows, David Chiles is the son of Roberta Anne Raya. The biological father is Paul Thomas Chiles. Parents married at the San Gabriel Mission in a Catholic ceremony.

A human being ordained by the belief in One God. Born from a natural marriage in a Church older than the country. Mom and Grandma were married in the same chapel. The church is known as the Mother of Los Angeles.

In a religious sense, life begins with conception. Parents were living in a home across the street from the Russian consulate. In the city of Seattle, Washington. Neighborhood of Madison Park.

Mom is Persian royalty. I don’t know Dad. Left Mom with three kids to raise on her own. Remember he practiced numerology. His vanity license plate started with triple eight.

So, that’s who I am. A middle child raised by a single mother. I know that no good parents let children be friends with single parent children. It’s a natural law. My family created it.

Somewhat of a ‘mamma’s boy’ according to natural law and Tik Tok. Before becoming aware I took to my Grandparents a lot. After, I’m kind of ashamed of imposing on them so much. Knowing what a disgrace it must have been for them. Similarly, all the friends I made in reality growing up.

About Me David Chiles Coming of Age

The location of the place where I came of age is the University District. Hence, I was born there too. Then, I was raised on the University of Washington campus. Remember, thinking how easy it was to handle my business during summer school.

I realized I was bread for it. Like a thoroughbred racehorse or something. After, I came of age. It follows, eighteen is the legal age of the majority. However, most people are still unaware of their own personal responsibility at this age.

Personal responsibility is handling your business. I learned to do it in the U. Toastmaster’s club taught me to be responsible to organization associations over social friends. St. Joe’s and UW Toastmasters were more important than doing business with a friend at the time. It helps business more.

Born And Raised

Where about me I was born and raised. Seattle, Washington is where I grew up. Born, so to speak, on the floor of a second-hand bookstore near the University Avenue. Known as the Ave.

Figured out that my birthdate makes me a numerological 1. Based on how time is measured today. My brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, is one as well. Tiger Woods is another. Our power color in numerology is red.

Chinese numerology books used those two as examples. An equation based on the year, day, and date determines whether you’re a one or a zero. I was born in a cesarian section. Dr. Polly must have planned it with my parents.


About me awareness. To begin, summer of 2001 was the time I read the numerology and masonry books in bookstores. Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was a key date.

In my mind, the passengers who were on the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon were sheep. The ones who crashed the plane in a field in Shanksville, Pa., were taking personal responsibility. Certain people showed leadership.

I became determined to write the rules of the Information Age at that moment. After, I looked over law school applications. There was a reading list in the one for the University of Southern California. Naturally, I started reading all the books.

Never thought about going there. Also, I read a lot of books about American history. John Adams was one of my favorites. Finally, I went to summer school at UW for an undergraduate law course. Got into the Toastmasters club. Mind you, didn’t apply to the school for admission. They didn’t accept me later when I did apply. But that’s when I came of age.

Why is awareness important?

Importance of awareness about me. It’s important to become aware of personal responsibility. Human beings take personal responsibility. Animals don’t. People who believe in God are responsible for their actions. They raise their kids. Otherwise, their kids are discriminated against.

I imagine that people who claim to be homosexual become aware in a similar way. Some traumatic event clues them in on how society works. It costs money for men to pursue women. It’s free to be friends with a person of the same gender in your class.

Neighborhood friends are not necessarily the same as school friends. As I mentioned earlier, I imposed on a lot of people. I call it the Jesus syndrome. It’s my royal lineage, numerology, and growing up without a dad.

For real, I knew every man, woman, and child living in a home for six square miles. Plus, all the people at the Church. I was an altar boy. No one ever told me to leave that I can remember. Still, awareness made me ashamed of how many people I know.

There is a book about it that puts it differently. Rich dad poor dad. Remember, my dad’s license plate begins with triple eight. That’s why the police keep trying to kill me. Happened the day created this page. Part of the reason.

Cop had his hand on his gun when I entered a store. Unusual. However, I am involved in something really positive outside of this site. Started Monday. I got something. Checker left the security tag on. I remembered the cop had his hand on his gun. So, I checked. Waived my receipt to camera. Had it removed and left without incident.

Police officers want to kill people. They carry guns to kill. They can get away with killing people who don’t know their father. Society doesn’t want them. Society hates us even more, the more people you know.

At least five times before I was eighteen. Seattle police attempted to murder me in the first degree according to the Federal Murder statute. As soon as I turned eighteen they began committing other felonies against me. Then, charging me with crimes I was not aware of in more first degree murder attempts.

I became aware when United States was attacked by terrorists who lived in Saudi Arabia. Further, the higher your achievement the more they try and kill ‘little bastards’.

Technically, not a bastard in the Catholic faith. Reason I was unaware for so long. Went to the same church my dad was raised in in Seattle. So, the church elders knew my dad even though I didn’t.

About Me The Struggle

Here about me, there is some background information about who I am. How I became aware. Several attempted murders by Seattle, King County, Bellevue, and Costa Mesa. Kamala Harris was in power when the Costa Mesa police attempted to murder me. My website, this site, was up and running at the time. No doubt, white people tried to kill me to stop me. I am Persian Royalty.

Honestly, I don’t know if she read it. Still, her prostitution is a clear reason why it happened. Bad leadership. Her position at the time makes her ultimately responsible. First, she had a sexual relationship with a married man as a lead prosecutor. Probably contributed to her campaign. Whore. Moreover, he, the Mayor of San Francisco is responsible for the charges she filed against people. Accordingly, terrorists. Check out the evidence at the bottom. Now, back to my story.

At the age of eighteen I lived in a dorm in Atlanta Georgia. Master Chief Hutchinson of the US Navy was the director. For example, Seattle Police and King County prosecutors attempted to murder me.

Collin Sullivan and Susan Irwin and conspired to kill me in an attempted first degree murder plot. Admitted and recorded on a court room microphone. At the time, I was an usher at St. Joseph’s and member of UW Toastmasters.

In another incident around the same time a police officer and prosecutor charged me with drunk driving when I was not legally drunk. The officer, Jason Houk, attempted to murder me first. Then, arrested me in court committing another felony and attempted murder against me. On top of that, slammed my head into a wall.

A few examples to get started on making the world aware. Check out the undisputed fact of the matters in links below.

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