Video Netiquette Rules for Motion Pictures

Video netiquette rules are conventions for creating and consuming engaging content. Hence, positive effects.

Fundamentally, watch, support, and create positive content. So, negative content hurts us for the most part. Thus, some entertainment value.

Given, internet connected screen displays, devices are a distribution channel. Digital video facilitates internet sharing.

Video Netiquette Rules

  1. Use Earphones. Use earphones in public.
  2. Nice Comments. Post positive comments.
  3. No Violence. Refrain from depicting or watching human violence.
  4. Encouraging Comments. Provide constructive criticism. Comments that provide feedback creators can use.
  5. Give Credit. Protect your content by crediting the source.
  6. Watch Responsibly. Watch motion pictures responsibly.

Video Network Etiquette

Recent developments in technology have made streaming more effective. Hence, less choppy. Games are popular.

Consequently, violent motion pictures are studied. It follows, we know they increase aggressive behavior. Knowing is half the battle.

Then, aggressive behavior may be mitigated with positive alternatives. Thus, physical activity can offset violent content.


Video is the display of motion pictures. So, there are several competing digital formats of different file types. As a result, they are not compatible.

Streaming is the constant delivery. Accordingly, Music, video, and games are streamed. Hence, video is entertaining.

Equally, Streams are meant to be enjoyed as the content is delivered. So, not meant to be saved for later. Stored in a different place on our electronics.

Video Netiquette

The medium may contain audio, visual, and text in motion pictures. Community building is the focus of these rules.

Online players use MP4 file type. Software may convert. Quality is another factor. High quality requires more data.

Good entertainment is the outcome they are trying to instill. From the first to the last rule, they are about bringing us together in common experiences. Identifying with the good things we do is positive.