Text Netiquette Rules For Clarity

Text Netiquette is the social code of sending and receiving short messages. So, short message service (SMS). Consequently, wireless device.

Text Netiquette Rules

  1. Email

    Long. Send electronic message instead.

  2. Sext

    No. Remember semi public.

  3. Emoticons

    A few add meaning.

  4. Anger

    Writing about it makes it last longer.

  5. Good News

    No information to upset recipients.

Thus, social code of sending and receiving.

Text are short messages that can be sent to mobile phones and other devices. It is a service that usually accompanies a cell phone plan. They can be sent from internet websites as well as mobile devices.

Therefore, the social code because text messages are sent through the internet on network devices. Netiquette is the social code of the internet.

Text Network Etiquette

Acronyms and abbreviations are common for text messages, but they are not the specific rules.

As a rule many users incorporate acronyms and abbreviations because they facilitate effective communication by saving time and character space. The rules are how users text, rather than what they text.


Text Messaging is the composition and transmission of short messages, Short Messaging Service (SMS). Limited to 140 character or less. A character is a single letter or space.

Small amount of data transmitted easily.  As a result, popular among cell phone users.

Text Netiquette

As technology increases internet communication will become faster, which means more texting. Instant messaging will really be instant and you have to know how to say the right thing fast.

Last, to text rules.