Discretion is a religious standards. Thus, government regulates. So, our decisions within laws are, natural, religious in principle.

  1. Right. According to religion.
  2. Right. According to ethics. Persian Royal Order.
  3. Legitimate. Appropriate activity.
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Secure Sites

In any event, use secure sites. First, take every opportunity to protect data. So, an offer is expert advice. Given, domains buy a secure certificate. Then, reason being safety.

  1. Https. Website security certificate.
  2. Private Network. Don’t use the web without a password.
  3. Protected Hotspot. Libraries with firewalls. Hotspots with passwords.
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Reply Time

Reply time conventions. Given, etiquette manners are a custom. Then, respond on time.

  1. Check Messages regularly.
  2. Next business day or 24 hours for professionals.
  3. Personal messages depend on circumstances.
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Messages Sent & Received

Messages sent and received. No matter what, too much is a bother. Hence, long. Also, often. Then bad. Given, a full inbox can overwhelm us.

  1. Send messages in moderation.
  2. Sign up for relevant news.
  3. Manage contact lists.
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Spam Unwanted Messages

  1. Flag. Move to appropriate folder, report.
  2. Unsubscribe. Stop getting messages if optional.
  3. Delete. Don’t let it be a bother.

Spam is an unsolicited message. Consider, we engage contact to different degrees. Then, draw the line. Given, it is difficult.

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Flames No Insults

  1. Do not engage.
  2. Block.
  3. Delete.

First, insults happen. And so, good users don’t want problems. But, trolls do. So, refrain from posting how you feel if it insults others.

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Honesty Truth Be Told

  1. The truth online is a statement that is correct about something.
  2. A lie is a statement about something that is false.
  3. Misleading statements are borderline lies.

The truth is beautiful. It follows, beauty brings out the best in us. Accordingly, it comes from within.

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