Delete Mean Netiquette For Comments

Delete Mean: It is proper netiquette to delete mean comments. Top Rule Explanation Mean comments discourage nice readers from commenting on good blogs. Mean comments can scare away readers altogether. Trolls are mean. Don’t engage them. Top Internet Etiquette Negative comments about internet data draw attention to the data. They detract from the content because […]

Blog Response Netiquette For Comments

Blog: It is proper netiquette to blog about comments. Top Rule Explanation When someone raises a great point, it deserves to be addressed. A simple response to a good point that is intellectually stimulating will not suffice. Good comments can sometimes be the topics of great blog posts. Top Internet Etiquette Blogging is an opinion […]

Approve Reply Netiquette For Comments

Approve & Reply: It is proper netiquette to approve a comment and reply with a thread. Top Rule Explanation Discussion threads are the embodiment of social media. Discussions are engaging. Threads are the engagement. The bigger the thread the more engaging the content is. Promote your content and engage readers with discussion threads from comments. […]

Approval Response Netiquette For Comments

Approve & Address: It is proper netiquette to approve questionable comments and address the difference in opinion. Top Rule Explanation Allowing dissenting opinions is what makes the USA a great country. We have freedom of speech. Allowing comments that don’t agree with a blogger content can cultivate a following. A good response can thwart illogical […]