School Netiquette Rules for Organized Learning

School Netiquette is about using the internet in school. Accordingly, rules developed for kindergarten to college based on research.

Now, schools may or may not have buildings. So, they need the information for various reasons. Often, it can be found online. As a result, a necessity for some reasons.

Given, the internet, school changed. Thus, classrooms use digital education. Consequently, administration as well. Furthermore, there are many online schools.

School Netiquette Rules

  1. Law. Follow the law.
  2. Institution. Follow school rules.
  3. Teachers. Listen to your teacher.
  4. Advisors. Tell trusted advisors about issues.
  5. Friends. Talk to your friends.

School Network Etiquette

Computer technology is utilized in education. Calculators, for example. Also, word processing and data storage. School netiquette rules are focused on this learning.

Teachers vary use. So, how they are used is central to the conventions. Thus, they teach or assist.

Then, websites too. School books have websites that accompany them. In addition, there are internet schools. Accordingly, all subjects and grade levels.


Many schools are created for a specific purpose. Colleges offer online schools within themselves. Districts operate schools.

They are organizations for group learning. Computers are used. Some are completely organized by them. Online schools. Others use them to varying degrees.

School Netiquette

Common techniques students and teachers use online. Therefore, rules administrations set. Equally, teachers have their own for class.

However, school rules supersede what teachers and students do. Accordingly, administration governs the process. Similarly, students make up their own social code.

So, it is to say that teachers tell us how to do it. Thus, rules come from common conventions teachers use. Given, in school they are the authorities.