Rule of Reciprocity Golden Rule

The Golden Rule transformed us from foraging for food to hunting it for our families. We began to share, work together. As a result, Bronze Age started.

Rule of Reciprocity Golden Rule

We live by a rule of reciprocity. On all accounts, society formed the first community based on the Golden Rule. Created by Persian Royalty. The cross is our insignia.

So, our Information Age is starting. Arab Spring revolutions were organized online. Equality is a new trend, woman rule.

Rule of Reciprocity Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.
-David Chiles

At first, Cyrus was the great law giver. Darious created the gold standard. Finally, our rule of reciprocity applies online as a basis for sharing.

Purpose for Rule of Reciprocity

Allows engagement in our own way. Hence, we  can alter, disregard, or apply. Consequently, It’s conventional, trendy.

Thus, spiritual thinking for moral action. Means to be nice. Not literal.

We cannot do some stuff. Even if stuff was done to us. Do the right thing.

Golden Rule

Ethics comes from the Golden Rule of Persian Royalty, ethic of reciprocity. Really, my family who raised me. Mom’s side, Raya.

Accordingly, Chiles surname is found in documents older than the ‘Doomsday Book’. Register of names in England. As a result, Netiquette is a legitimate right.

Religions based on the Golden Rule include Zoroastrianism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’i, Confucianism, Taoism, Unitarianism, Native Spirituality, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism, and Christianity.

Ethic of Reciprocity

Ethic of Reciprocity is the principle of humanity, Golden Rule. A reciprocal is an inverse relationship. Therefore, a duty between us to continue the custom.

So, an exchange of appropriate behavior continues when followed. One for the other. Thus, the spiritual, moral, and ethical foundation of community.

Additionally, good engagement adds up. Equally, It equals out in the end. Consequently, we have economic growth. Goods and services are transferred.

Golden Rule Application

An after school talk. David Chiles knows Islam is superior. No way to understand reciprocity without it. Ling thinks it’s personal.

Follow our rule. Think about it. Get what you can. Give back. Share.

Finally, casually use computers for commerce. Mainstream methods are best in principle, internet etiquette. So, we use variations in practice.