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Principles of Netiquette, updated March 2016. Insider tips for the net. So, how to increase engagement.

Hence, easy to read tech book for internet etiquette. Thus, no big words. Just big concepts.

Then, need to know. Accordingly, achievable goals. Such as, doesn’t matter how success defined.

Principles of Netiquette Kindle eBook

Finally, belong to the online community. So, use Principles of Netiquette. Learn inside info. Don’t pass up this safety guide.

It is my sincere hope that it will help readers become great Digital Citizens.

-David Chiles

Stick to our principles. There are good contacts. Win engagement and measure results.

Principles of Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette

Achieve status as an influencer. Brings practices together. Provides explanation of categorical engagement.

Whereas, an intro to social influence, technically. It follows,business degree, elearning, and upbringing. So, fundamental.

In conclusion, enables positive web contributions. Book is valuable. Lastly, no preference for a site or software.


Excerpted from Goodreads domain. Additional reviews. Content has since been updated.

“David Chiles’s book contains much that I will return to as I’m such a novice to the rules of engagement for online practices. There are definitions and explanations clearly laid out that take the mystery out of abbreviations and terminology that previously went straight over my head. “

-Louise White