Streaming Netiquette Rules For Film & TV

Premium Video Netiquette is the culture of professional video online. So, produced by professionals.

Then, distributed in an electronic file format. Thus, content defines our overall culture. Hence, consumed culturally.

Given, streams are delivered a variety of ways. Accordingly, pay per view, subscription, and free with commercials.

Premium Video Netiquette Rules

  1. Network TV. Watch free Network TV. It is premium content.
  2. Respect Copyrights. Refrain from downloading copyrighted content without paying.
  3. Stream. Streaming is different than downloading.
  4. Share. Share where applicable and appropriate. Many things that should be kept private.
  5. Watch. Watch video where appropriate. White cloth restaurants are not appropriate.
  6. Pay. Know how much a video costs before downloading.

Premium Video Network Etiquette

Customs for consuming professional video content. Thus, each network has there own.

Given, major networks stream premium content. Then, some of it comes with premium offline services.

So, free networks provide premium access to certain streams. It all depends. Viewers must pay for premium material in some way. Hence, commercials are the price of free.

Premium Video

Premium film and television is created with paid actors, camera men, and producers. Then, anything less is semi-pro.

So, professional means creators earn a living from content made. Consequently, standard is extremely high. It takes a big budget to make professional content.

Semi-professional content is earning a living for many people in new ways. Advertising is aloud on low or no budget productions.

Premium Video Netiquette

Film and Television Netiquette Rules. This Netiquette page article is about Netiquette Rules. The rules for watching professional video productions.