Micro Blog Netiquette Rules For Small Opinions

  1. Two Lines: It is proper netiquette to limit micro-blog posts to two lines.
  2. No Controversy: It is proper netiquette to refrain from posting controversial material.
  3. Share Stories: It is proper netiquette to share stories from credible sources.
  4. Make News: It is proper netiquette to post news, current events and breaking information.
  5. Positive Words: It is proper netiquette to use positive words in micro-blog posts.
  6. Organize: It is proper netiquette to organize your friends, followers, and those you like with lists.
  7. Read: It is proper netiquette to read posts by everyone.
  8. Follow: It is proper netiquette to follow other micro-bloggers.
  9. Forward: It is proper netiquette to forward posts to friends on other networks.
  10. Find: It is proper netiquette to find contacts, friends, and cyber friends, on micro blog networks to follow and to follow you.

Micro Blog Netiquette Rules

Micro blog netiquette is the social code of small opinions. Sharing is caring. So, we follow.

Then, way to share data in networks. Thus, strict limits. As a result, following posts, listing, and re-posting for influence.

Micro Blog Network Etiquette

Users may connect with other users. Next, share information. Therefore, following other users and being followed.

Customs of quick posts. So, post with few characters.

Micro Blog

Website in a domain user brief shares. It follows, publishes short opinions. Also, other data with limits.

Limits are a major difference. Given, popular expressions of emotion. Then, emotional outburst. Emotional posts are the most highly viewed.

A Micro-Blog is personal or organizational opinion shared within a limited amount of character space and or file size. Used descriptively, micro-blog means to post limited opinions regularly. Micro-blogs are typically maintained through blogging platforms and domains.

The content of Micro-Blogs is personal or organizational, but the domains that contain the content are professional. Given strict character and file size limits, opinions are very conclusory. Facts can only be shared in a limited amount of space with opinions. The limited space often leads to opinions with out facts.

Opinions without facts are considered rants by many because logical conclusions cannot be inferred without a factual basis. Micro-blogs should not be taken seriously because there is not enough information contained in them to form a valid opinion. Often, links to related information are provided to give posts more validity.

A common feature of micro blog platforms is the hashtag group. Hashtags “#” placed in front of keywords group posts according to the keyword. Hashtags denotes topics. Popular hashtags are known as trending topics.

Micro Blog Netiquette

Social code of short blog posts. Rules users follow in the peer groups they are in. Business personal, social.

Rants are common. Emotional opinion of a user that attacks an issue. Celebrities rant about something that bothers them. Regular users have been known to rant against people, places, and things.