1. Send messages in moderation.
  2. Sign up for relevant news.
  3. Manage contact lists.

No matter what format we use, too much communication is poorly viewed. Often considered negative. Messages on a computer can overwhelm us.

Be conservative in composition and liberal in reception. Less is more when sending. More information increases the probability of plans working out.

Messages must be sent with moderation since time is our most precious resource. Careful consideration has to be given to each and every message as the first rule. Receiving messages requires far less resources.

Messages Moderate and Liberal

Restraining online messaging to reasonable limits is conservation. Sending for a good reason is conservative. Liberally sending them to send them for any reason.

Conservation is appropriate when resources have a limit. The time it takes to compose a good message places a boundary on the amount we can reasonably send.

It takes less time to read than it does to send. The guidelines for sending them require more time to implement than it takes to read them.

Messaging Apps for Computer

Receiving relevant information can help you make better decisions in your life. It empowers you because knowledge is power. The more you have the more powerful you are.

Good messages help us. They often include information that goes beyond the virtual boundaries of the Internet. Coupons, invitations, and schedules come from contacts.

Reading liberally is essential because of the benefits they provide. It is reasonable to communicate if your relationship status with the recipient permits it. Prior contact is usually required.

Messages Download

The time limits we impose on ourselves to write, respond, and read messages depends on many factors. Reason is the deciding factor. Thinking about how and when to respond gives us more time.

Be conservative in messages you send and liberal in those you receive. Sending is more personal than receiving relevant information. We can manage better if we apply reasonable limits beforehand.

Relationship development comes from continued contact. The type of communications we can send are determined by the social status of the groups we fit into.


Be conservative in messages you send and liberal in what you receive.

Liberally receiving means that you get a lot of information. People send a lot to you if you receive messages liberally.

Inbox zero is a concept for dealing with them. In principle we do not have to open every message immediately as it states. We can set parameters in general for our own efficiency.

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