Digital Citizenship Netiquette Rules for Internet Etiquette

  1. Ethics. Ethical online actions are required based on the Golden Rule.
  2. Core Rules. Follow the core rules of Netiquette.
  3. Internet Access. Regular access to the Internet is required.
  4. Email Address. An email address for sending and receiving mail is necessary.
  5. Social Media Account. One contact validates an online image for inclusion.

Digital Citizenship Netiquette Rules

Digital Citizenship Netiquette Rules

Digital Citizen Netiquette is culture of the online community. Thus, we are members based on our level of access. Definitely, culture is nice.

It follows, conventions organize us into a unified civilization. As a result, effective communication. So, we agree on the conventions.

Therefore, following builds the online community. Given, it makes us Digital Citizens. Consequently, there are conceptual and digital requirements.

Digital Citizenship Network Etiquette

We use Information Technology (IT) with proper netiquette. Therefore, knowledge of right and wrong consciously applied.

Then, ethics consists of the fundamental beliefs of right and wrong in society. Furthermore, netiquette rules are the ethical online conventions we follow. Accordingly, social code of good people.

Thus, establishing ethics is the basis of the rules. Hence, civilizes us. Provides standards for electronic communication.

Digital Citizenship

A Digital Citizen is a person who uses electronics effectively in their daily lives. We use devices to communicate, organize, and assist ourselves.

Given, ethics are conceptual, internet ethics are consciousness. As a result, we know right from wrong. Similarly, we use conventions for doing the right thing.

Comes from interaction with good people, education, and technical training. Good people have to help each other. Education teaches us principles. Technical training shows us how to use the internet.

Digital Citizenship Netiquette

The internet is organizing, educating, and entertaining. So, we help each other. Open source software, for example.

Data protection is central. Recognition as a part of this society requires ethics online and off.

Troll activity is not good. It does not disqualify a person either. Rules help us communicate effectively with a certain level of access and consciousness.

To Digital Citizenship rules.