Honesty Truth

Honesty Truth Be Told

  1. The truth online is a statement that is correct about something.
  2. A lie is a statement about something that is false.
  3. Misleading statements are borderline lies.

The truth is beautiful. It follows, beauty brings out the best in us. Accordingly, it comes from within.

Unfortunately, lies are common online. As a result, we are coming together to create an internet society based on honesty.

Truth is, without honesty the Internet is entertainment. A joke at best. Fraud for the most part. So, read carefully.

Honesty Truth Be Told

Hence, communities require truthful communication. Given, information shared is relied upon. Therefore, honesty allows us to be civil. In conclusion, we can rely on each other.

Members are truthful. Lies invalidate the community. Communication of cannot be relied upon.

For example, we who confirm online often do not show up. RSVP follow up calls increase truthful participation. Organizers make it a true event.

Truth Definition

Meant to remind us how to avoid misleading communication. Goes to show us, some are dishonest online. The Human Condition applies. Tell the truth.

Vague statements protect privacy with honesty. Media generally does not contain the whole truth. The Internet is a medium. It is part of the media.

For the most part it is internet best netiquette to convey a good message. Disclosure of possible issues with a message may not be included unless there is a good reason.

Truth Seeker

Provide vague statements if necessary. Protect privacy. Avoid lies.

One reason not to assume. Must be explicitly stated are generally not included. Assumptions do not make it a lie. Read carefully for the truth.

So, feedback helps everyone. Equally, peers, authority. Given, we use accuracy and deception for safety and sales.

Honesty Netiquette

Half stories are deceptive practices. Some of the story can be misleading.

Tell the truth.

The internet is gaining more honest users. Internet etiquette is bringing the light. Honesty is coming to the user groups all over.

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