Eco-friendly Center Wellness

Eco-friendly Center Wellness

Eco-friendly Center Wellness is a domain being developed for a professional portfolio. So, testing shows we accept conservation and healthy living. Given, we know better.

Thus, concepts tested on Twitter. Then, I read a National Geographic. Getting it was a riot for real.

Later, earned online certificates to build a professional WordPress blog. Capstone project for future clients. Hence, sharing knowledge to get leads and show work.

WordPress Essential Training Certificate Of Completion

WordPress DIY Setting Up WordPress Certificate Of Completion

WordPress Workflows Certificate Of Completion

Eco-friendly Lifestyle

First, it is principally crazy to call thawing out global warming. Either ice age happened or it did not. Clearly, we are getting warmer. More fires, duh.

Then graphics in National Geographic showed before and after pictures of forest land. Urban sprawl at risk. Basically, California was a desert. Now, inhabited forest land due to sprawl.

Read about a Grandpa taking the car. Left his family to die in a fire. They, called him. Piece of sh#*. So, Bad Grandpa knew on some level. Saved himself.


Eco-friendly lifestyle is such a simple answer, got me thinking. A social media campaign alone could have saved half the lives. I could do it alone.

So, do it right, no one else will. Changes in our value system devalue current power structure. Studied time period changes to create Netiquette.

Accordingly, carefully choosing words. It follows, don’t want to be responsible for widespread violence. Justice for the oppressed is necessary. Modern Eco-friendly Green Real Estate, for example of no blame game.