David Paul Chiles Design & Host Portfolio

Started Netiquette with notepad in 2006. As a result, I’m a WordPress Warrior. Hence, David Paul Chiles Communications Designs and Hosting Portfolio.

David Paul Chiles WordPress Warrior

It’s a WordPress World. Thus, building a portfolio with proven content. Plugins and themes are reaching a tipping point. So, wings earned as volunteer at WordCamp 2017, Seattle are getting big enough to take off.

Flying solo. Web host, front-end design, SEO, and SEO copywriting. Hosting for value business clients. Designer friendly plans.

David Paul Chiles Hosting

Great specs; Security (up-time); Finally, easy control panel. Thus, sites hosted by Informatization.shop. PorkBun affiliated premium domains.


Experienced host with feature rich plans. So, gets us started together. As our relationship grows, so will traffic. WordPress is best.

Get online for real. Own your domain. Don’t let a social media website control your data. My brand is here now to help.

David Paul Chiles Web Design

Given, wrote, taught, and tested Web Design rules. Time to focus on monetization. So, we can all look at our rules, however copyrights are enabled.

David P Chiles Communications Web Hosting

Therefore, doing great work in hopes of getting consumers into product funnel. Currently, know enough to do a great WordPress site. Then, first domain business clients are target market.

Skill set helps first time domain buyers most. I can deliver necessary traffic with a good design. Nothing fancy, template, professional.