ReShare Netiquette For Likes

Share: It is proper netiquette to share what you like with your network. Top Rule Explanation There are more reasons to Like something than many people realize. Sharing a Like also means that your sharing the content you like with your friends because your friends are notified of what you like in their news feeds. […]

Read Netiquette For Likes

Read: It is proper netiquette to share content that you read yourself. Top Rule Explanation It is good internet etiquette to understand that everyone likes to share good content with their friends, but no one wants to read articles all day just to find the best one. Find your balance and don’t share anything you […]

No Self Like Netiquette For Likes

No Self Likes: It is proper netiquette to refrain from liking your own status. Top Rule Explanation Liking yourself is going over board. It is arrogant. It’s kind of like writing that something is your opinion in a blog. The reader already knows it is your opinion because your the author and blogs are opinions. […]

Friends Netiquette For Likes

Friends: It is proper netiquette to keep your friends in mind when you post status updates. Top Rule Explanation A Like is different than a share. Users Like material for different reasons than they share it. An interesting article about one or more of your friends hobbies is something to share. It’s a thoughtful thing […]

Earn Netiquette For Likes

Earn: It is proper netiquette to give likes to deserving content. Top Rule Explanation Likes are earned for good reason. It’s alright to encourage friends to curate and create better content if you think it will help them post something you like. My friends only like high quality status updates. If they don’t like something […]

Reasonable Netiquette For Likes

Reasonable: It is proper netiquette to be reasonable with your likes. Top Rule Explanation Things happen for a reason. Make sure things happen for good reasons. Something is unreasonable if it is not done for a good reason. This is not to say your reasons cannot be personal. It is to say that they should […]

Be Nice Netiquette For Likes

Be nice: It is proper netiquette to be nice with your likes. Top Rule Explanation The Like Button is one of the best ways to be nice. It is a cornerstone concept of the netiquette philosophy to like the content of others because it’s a nice thing to do. Top Internet Etiquette Click the Like […]